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Always bear in mind this fundamental philosophies
That be you king or knight,rich or poor
Man and woman,have blood alike and all mortal
Born to life,born to live and to die on this floor
On which we tread,for we are all human beings

The king was not born with the crown
Neither was the knight born with the sword
Master and servant  shall ebd couch in tomb
The rich brought no gold from the womb
For all mortals were nudely borm
why then should pride exsit in town?

The rich were once in need
For wealth is like the waves
Which blows forth and back
Nothing lasts forever!in fact-
To the dead,wealth looses it's fame
So why should pride exist?

You may spend six decades or more
Yet someone was it who gave you birth
It is where the  adult reach and stop
That the youth  shall meet and leave them
And if you clock a hundred years,yet
You certainly can't outlive the clock
be you ten feet,the dew of life will soak you!
Why then do you take liberty in pride?

Davastate the pride of your life!
If you are fortunate,help the lowly
If you are rich,look to the poor
Never be proud of your wealth or position
But give thanks to God who gave you life
Be generous with your wealth and be lowly
For you have no right to be proud


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