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                  I worked day and night
                  For years, I toiled the ground vigorously
                  trying to make a living
                 Thinking that one day, Fate will smile and bestow
                 fortune upon me
                  I  fought drastically against failure,
                  but  it's like the arrow of failure is mightier than
                 the spear of success
                 Thus, I decided I must go seek my fortune
                Therefore, please accept my goodbye, dear
                 Tell Daddy I'm leaving
                 Tell Mum I'm leaving
                 Tell them not to worry cos ''Odidere'' never
                 dies on a journey
                 Tell them I'm now an Iroko tree and whoever stands
                 between success and I
                 will be crushed like an egg that is hit against an Iroko tree
                  I am determined to wrestle with fortune and
                  succeed this time
                  My goodbye is well said
                  Go I will,and must will I come
                  with riches


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