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        Life! sweetest of everything below the sky
        The bitterness of which is worse than gall
        Peace as the stared heavens beyond clouds
        More troubled than the tempestuous  ocean
        Serenely silenced as the breeze on high
        Louder than the pandemonium on a lunatic ball
        Harder than a mountain of diamond stout

        Life! fresher than a bed of newly fallen snow
        Withered like a month old ungerminated-apple-seed
        Brighter than the sunshine at its highest peak
        Darker than the enraged and starless African night
        Hotter than an axe burnt to redness snow
        As cold as the dog's running nose of pee
        With Infinitive vastness of immeasurable round peak
         And so tiny as to be in the heart of  no pint

          Life!undesirable necessity
          Man comes
          Man  lives
          Man leaves
          But life will continue

This poem was originally published on poetrysoup,undefinable_definitive_900992

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