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  ''Good morning, nurse Helen''
  ''Morning, doctor Sam''
''please take your seat, I'm happy to inform you that the hospital board has approved your leave. You've been granted eight weeks annual leave'' He said as he handed her a letter''.
  ''Hmmmmmm! Helen heaved a sigh
of relief


''Dotun please can I have your attention for a minute'' Helen said as she walked into the room.
''What is it ma, I'm very tired and I'd like to sleep''
''I'm due for annual leave and I would love to go spend four weeks with my aunt in London''
''Oh! that!, no problem,you are very much free to go. In fact do you need anything? How much do you need,let me transfer it to you.'' He sat up and picked up his phone''so, whats your account number''
   Helen opened her mouth agape and stared at Dotun in bewilderment,she couldn't believe Dotun was happy,she was going for four weeks. ''Dotun,you seem so happy that I'm leaving''
''Oh common darling, you need a leave, you need a change of environment and I'm happy for you'' Dotun laughed sarcastically.
Helen walked out of the room feeling dejected and miserable


    Helen was watching a television soap opera she'd seen off and on since she was a kid. She found herself wondering if she would ever have a child who needed a heart transplant one month and a new kidney the next.
   Then the phone rang.
   She made no move to answer the phone, after all it was Dotun's phone. She just stood there and listened, watching it as it rang three more times. Then, finally, because of curiosity and because she plain couldn't stand the ringing ringing ringing, she stood up and went towards the phone. Lo!, it was a message, a message from Katherine. She wondered what business Dotun had with Kathe. Out of curiosity,she opened the message and it read thus

                    ''You advised me against having an abortion, but you didnt fulfill
                      your own part of the bargain. The pregnancy is protruding and its 
                       already becoming a stigma. Everyone now avoids me like I'm a
                     leper. Dotun I do not want to give birth to a child who will grow up
                   not knowing the father. I cant even look Helena in the face.''

Helen couldn't believe her eyes,so Dotun,her husband was actually responsible for Kate's preganacy. Little wonder why Kathe has been behaving strangely to her.
       ''Dotun'' she screamed on top of her voice.
 Dotun walked into the living room just in time.. ''why were you shouting,woman!
''What is this'', she said slamming the phone into Dotun's hands
 Dotun read the mesaage and sank into  the chair. ''Look,Helen,you need to calm down''
   ''calm down you say?She sprang at Dotun and slapped him.
Dotun couldn't believe what had just happened,he looked at Helen and in a state of fury,he slapped h and her back. A fight ensued,Helen pushed Dotun with all her strength and he fell backwards hitting his head on the glass centre table.

Helen was astound,because there laid Dotun's body lifless on the floor,blood oozing out of his head.
 Dotun wasn't breathing.

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