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Adventure of a heart - Episode 22

 Dotun tossed on the bed, he had been lying on the bed for a long time now. His mind rummaging on the very thoughts that left him bewildered. Finally, he got up, picked his car keys and went down the stairs. Helen was in the living room, watching a movie.
      ''Dotun, where are you off to by this time of the day'', Helen asked.
     Dotun stared at her, when he finally found his voice, he retorted back ''Its none of your business, wifey. I'm a man and I can go out anytime I like. Oh, you want to start caging me now in my house'' Dotun said screaming on top of his voice.
       ''Dotun Makinde!goodness gracious God, where is the man I married, This isn't you, You weren't like this when we got married. Is it because I have not given you a child??' Her words in a whisper.
   On hearing this, Dotun stormed out of the house. Helen looked at him as he disappeared into thin airs, her eyes in utter disbelieve. She sank into a chair and wept bitterly.

    And so, day by day Dotun and Helen drifted apart, each finding solace in his own world. Dotun started keeping late nights, he became withdrawn and hardly had time for Helen Helen on her part became more focused on her work. She even stopped visiting Katherine.

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