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   It was time for the Nightingale Nurses Conference and Helen was just too excited and happy to go to the conference. To her, it was an opportunity to get away from Dotun and his troubles, it was an opportunity to with her old friends and gist. The conference was to take place in UBTH,Benin city.
     At the conference, she met Kate who tried to evade her through the conference meeting.  Immediately the conference ended she went ahead to meet Katherine who was already entering her car.

''Katherine, how you........, longest time. I tried waving you earlier,but you didn't respond''
''Hi'' Katherine replied snubbingly
''Kate, you look pregnant, I thought you said you weren't pregnant''
''Look, Helena, I'm tired, I need to go home and sleep if you wouldn't mind'' She said as she opened her car and hopped in.
    Helen stood as she watched Katherine's car speed up along the road.........''My, My! Why the heavens is Kate like this, what have I done to her, she's been cold to me since the last time I visited her'' Helen screamed.
''Now I have no friends, no love, no child , no family. I'm just alone
       Helen returned home with a burdened heart, She met Dotun who sat on a sofa reading newspaper.
      ''Good evening Dotun''
     ''Oh, where are you coming from''
    ''What is this now, I thought I told you I was going to a conference. Look I am tired of all this. I just came back and if you would excuse me, I need to sleep'' She climbed up the stairs and went inside her room.
    ''My God, what is all this, please let my annual leave be granted, I can't  wait to leave this house'' She knelt down and bowed her head.

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