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   The poem is a metaphysical one,it is fanciful and witty in diction but expresses a strong motion of love.Marvel in this poem conveys his fear of desire for the woman he loves and his fear of death, while still arguing in a clever way.
           ''Had we but world, enough
           this coyness, lady were no crime''
   In the first stanza,the poet says if there was enough time,he wouldn't have minded the lady's shyness. He imagines what he and the lady would do if they had enough freedom in both space and time
        ''To work and pass our long love's story
        Thou by the indian Gange side
        Shouldst rubies find I by the side''
As they set themselves apart, the poet adores each part of her body to assure himself that he got a good catch.He pays many compliments on her.

   In the second stanza, the poet does not want to waste time in getting her. He believes its only death that can take her away from him and if he does not hook her before death comes calling boyh of them would be losers
        ''And then, worms shall try
        that long preserved virginity''
Hence, in order to avoid this, the poet urges both of them to come together in love,since they both still her in their time.
The poet makes use of biblical allusion to show time''love you years before the flood''

The desire for love-In this poem,he poet is actually in love with the lady,hence the compliments he bestows on her. He is also ready to scarifice anything for the lady's love.

Beauty is not permanent-The poet cautions that both of them will be losers if the lady finally rejects his love,since worms will be the only winner

Evill effect of procastination-The poet warns the lady not to continue to reject his love since time waits for no man. He fears that death may come to steal her away from him. Hence,  she must  accept his love before death comes calling

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