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:  Excuse me, sir, this child of yours is too ignorant........

B:  As long as she remains alive, I don't  care whether or not she's ignorant, she is my only child! So once she's alive, ignorance can go hang himself

A:   But sir, what else kills humans more than ignorance?

B:  Well then, I shall advise her to save her tears for her funeral for who knows?the dead may one day mourn their own death!.........

A:  If that be so, I'm afraid she will wake up the dead with her wails.

B:  What then should I do?Ignorance has no solution as wisdom has no master.

A:  But there is always a solution to every problem if only one looks hard enough

B:  Yet ignorance is dynamic and different from all other problems and by Saint Solomon it surely has no solution

A:  I still think otherwise......

B:  Ever heard of any one who knows all the things about everything



  1. Ignorance comes with pride as it's 'swagger'...The piece reminds me of the Kiswahili play AmeZidi and Mashetani.