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Analysis of ''Ambush'' Gbemisola Adeoti

'' Ambush'' by Gbemisola Adeoti is a poem  which  depicts the tribulations,problems and panic in the society.

About the poet
Gbemsola Adeoti is a lecturer in English Language department of Obafemi Awolowo University,

In stanza one, the poet gives a metaphorical comparism by comparing the land to a giant whale...This means
               ''The land is a giant whale
               that swallows the sinker,
               with hook, line and bait''
This means that the land swallows and absorbs both the good and bad,The whale has a dream killing atttribute and a devouring attribute, It swallows every thing in sight and destroys the  dreams of the people and allows the fisherman to labour in vain. In stanza two

           ''aborting dreams of a good catch
           fishers turn home at dusk''

In stanza two,the poet compares the society{land}to a sharp toothed tiger which creates fear,terror and panic .This means that the society is full of life challenges and these challenges can consume humans.
       ''The land is a saber-toothed tiger
        that cries deep in the glade
        While infants shudder home
        the grizzled ones snatch their gut
        from bayonets of tribulation
       halting venturous walk at dusk''

In stanza three,the society is compared to a gaint hawk which hovers round looking for prey to feed on. 
       ''  The land is a giant hawk
       that courts unceasing disaster
       as it hovers and hoots in space''

In the last stanza,the poet expresses the hope that the siege will be over and things will begin to take a new shape for good Metaphor
            '' The land lies patiently ahead
              awaiting in ambush
             those who point away from a direction
             where nothing happens toward the shore of

Figures of speech
Metaphor-The poet uses a lot of metaphors in the poem
line 1
line 8

Personification- ''The land.........swallows the sinker''
'''The land lies patiently''

Alliteration-''Peters with petered out desires''
''hovers and hoots''

Poetic Devices
Symbolism-The poet uses the symbols of ''whale,tiger and hawk''to depict terror in the land

1. hoplelessness
3.Insecurity in the land
4.Directionless leadership

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