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Adventure of a Heart- Episode 21

Dotun turned slightly in the bed. What is it that awakened him? He opened his eyes and frowned as he felt little remains of the headache that plagued his head the day before. He turned his head and saw that his wife was not in the room. Maybe it was the door that awoke him.These days his conscience had begun to gnaw silently at his heart....
It had all began with that oil deal. His Assistant had misled into his office one fateful morning exicitement all written over him.
Dotun looked up from his work. ''Henry,why are you looking so excited.''
Henry could scarcely contain himself. ''Dotun, we made it. That oil deal,we have to invest it.''

Dotun frowned a little as he studied the papers Henry had thrown in front of him. How real is this? He asked at length.
'' Very real.Let me call the financial director to look it over''. He added reaching for his phone.
And then,they had invested almost half of their company's worth. It had seemed too good to be true. Then it happened. The oil well sank and they had run into serious financial crises and deficits.

Dotun turned and closed his eyes as Helen entered the room. But why couldn't he tell his wife?Why had he changed to his wife? He suspected it was not unconnected with what his Aunt had told him around that time. It was at his offfice where he had just had the unpleasant task of laying off one of his workers when his secretary informed him that his aunt wished to see him. Wondering what on earth his aunt wanted in his office,he asked for her to come in.
''Dotun,so you gave that your thing of a secretary the order to lock me out?The trade of words came from his aunt as she walked into the office. ''Just because I care for your happiness and I asked that witch to move out of your house? I'm now your enemy? And if......

''Aunty calm down, please'' Dotun interjected. And please,stop insulting my wife. I have a lot of headache at present and I am not in the mood for your tantrums. I have told you times without number to leave my wife and I alone. God will do it for us''
''God will do it!........I know, but please help God. Try another woman.
''Infact Aunty please leave my office'' He said angrily as he moved over to the door. He turned the door knob
''Its okay. I will leave and wont bother you again.


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