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Adventure of a Heart-Episode 20

     Fortune's birthday arrived soon enough  and Helen was there to grace her godson's birthday. She got there early and assisted Kate with the party stress. After the party,Helen and Kate sat down to talk.
  And thanks ''Thank you so much for coming. And thanks for the gift.It's simply marvellous''
  ''You embaras me with your thanks'' Helen replied feigning anger. ''Please .leave that  one and let's talk of something more important.''
     Kate yawned and Helen kept quiet. There was something about Kate that she couldn't understand. It seemed to her that Kate was expecting  another baby. But it couldn't be true. Can she be so stupid to get pregnant again. Not after what she had to go through  when  Chris  abandoned her and left her to raise Fortune alone by herself. And now...........
   ''Why are you looking at me like that? Kate questioned
   ''Katherine! Helen lowered her  voice. Are you pregnant?
  ''No'' Kate replied smiling,Why do you ask? Besides,what if I am?
  ''No problem. It's just that.......
  ''Just that you forget that and tell me  the important thing you wanted to tell me.''
 Helen shrugged and continued '' It's the same old story. Dotun is growing from bad to worse. And I've done everything possible that Baba told me to do. Still no improvement. Do you know any other person I can try. She stopped as she noticed the far away look in Kate's eyes. ''Kate,are you listening to me?
Kate startled, ''Yes of course. It's just that I feel very dizzy. Do you mind if I lie down for a while? She asked stretching herself on the sofa and minutes later,she was sleeping deeply.Helen got up and watched Kate for some time,a puzzled look on her face. She had never seen Kate behave like this before. Quietly she let herself out of the house,closing the door gently so as not to wake the mother and child.

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