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Adventure of a Heart Episode 19


      As if her troubles were not enough. She had ran into an old friend,Yemi on her way from Kate's place. Kemi used to be  way promiscious doing their undergraduate days and it was even rumoured that she lost count of abortions she had done. To Helen's surprise,Yemi was heavily pregnant and Helen couldn't help noticing how she   flashed her wedding rings.Such is life. Why had she not been able to take in .
   She startled a little as Dotun's voice jolted her back to  the present.
  ''You mean you're still here?''
  She turned  to look at him. He had changed from his office clothes into a casual T-shirt and a jeans.
 ''I'm sorry. let me get you something to eat''
       '' Don't bother! Dotun replied with a frown as he took his car keys from the centre table. ''I'm going out''
        ''But I .......'' Helen stammered and kept quiet as Dotun left the house. This was unbelievable. They hadn't quarelled. Why was he acting this way. Puzzled, she picked her handbag and headed for the bedroom.
     That was the beginning of Helen's nightmare. Overnight, Dotun changed from the loving man she married into a cold stranger. Helen couldn't attribute it to any cause,save of course,her childlessness. And recently,Dotun had taken to keeping late nights and God help her if she dared raise any objection. Only last night,he had almost slapped her when she had challenged him for coming home late. And tonight,he wasn't back yet and it was almost 10pm. She made a mental note to talk to Kate about it. And talking about Kate,even Kate now has a child,though unmarried. Her son,Fortune keeps her occupied most of the time that she and Helen gets to see each other. Anyhow,Fortune's birthday is just two days away. She hoped to see her then.

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