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Adventure of a Heart- Episode 18

           Helen was surprised to see Dotun's car in the garage. She glanced at the clock on her dashboard as she parked her own car. Dotun was normally not back from work by this time. She instictively began forming series of explanation in her mind. Slightly anxious,she made her way to the front door and opened it.
        ''Hi honey!''She greeted Dotun,who sat on the sofa reading a copy of dailies.
         'You didn't tell me you'll be going out.''Dotun asked without acknowledging Helen's greeting.
         Helen,taken aback, bit her lip to stiffle her reply. She set her handbag on the centre table and took a seat beside Dotun on the sofa. She studied Dotun's face for a while and wondered what was happening. It was true today was her free day and she hadn't told him she would be going out but that was because it was of  his aunt who chose to make her regular visits,that made her decide to go see Kate so that she wouldn't overthink herself. And Dotun had gone to work soon after his aunt left.
          ''I said you didn't tell me you will be going out'' Dotun said again in that same gentle voice that reminded Helen of when they first met.  ''By the way,where did you go''
         Helen opened her mouth to reply and closed it again without uttering a word. She was troubled by the look in Dotun's eyes.
        Dotun dropped the paper he was reading and turned to Helen;his patience running out. ''Can you longer answer simple questions?His voice had risen a little.
       Helen found her voice at last. ''Honey what is the matter? Did I do something to make you angry?
      Dotun rose from the chair and picked up his abandoned newspaper.  ''I am hungry'' He announced as he walked into the bedroom.
     And that was that. Helen thought as she watched Dotun go up the stairs into the bedroom. Why was he angry with her? or did someone annoy him at work? But why vent  his anger on her? Maybe the agony of childlessness  was  already taking its toil  on him too.  She shuddered a little as she remembered Kate's proposition earlier in the day. That they should go and see one spiritualist! For what! Dotun will have her head for thinking such abomination. But is this not the same man who is now acting strangely?

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