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I Write to Communicate Peace-Meet Adebisi Olaniyi

Hello readers,meet Adebisi Olaniyi.
Adebisi Olaniyi is a Writer,Speaker ,Blogger and Teacher. In this interview,she takes us through her writing journey.
Enjoy this inspiring interview!

1.Hello,please introduce yourself.
 I am Adebisi Olaniyi. a follower of Christ, a wife, a mother and a teacher.

2.How long have you been writing and what have you learnt in these years
 I have been writing since my secondary school days. I wrote poems, stories, songs, articles etc. I made a consistent effort to develop my desire to write. I was a member of the literary and debating society, drama club and I readily made myself available for every opportunity to speak and prepare an article.
3.Tell us about your blog.
 My blog is just a way of reaching out to people. I believe so much in the wisdom of God that is deposited in me. through the years I have had people come to me for counselling and advice on different issues, mainly relationship and christian walk. I love to speak to people, encourage them and help them through difficult phases. I'm certain that it is God who has put the light of His word in me to shine forth. He wouldn't just put it in me without a purpose and that purpose is what I seek to fulfill. 
Starting the blog was God and people inspired. Heeding God's call to encourage men in His word and helping others find hope and strength for every of lives trouble in Gods undiluted word. more than anything, the blog is an avenue of using Gods gift to fulfill His desire.

4.You are a christian writer,how rewarding has this niche been?
 Because God is my inspiration, most things I write about are usually in line with His word and lessons I have learnt over time.
Writing for me is to communicate peace to people in their troubled state, it is for encouragement and building up. so my reward is that lives are touched and changed through the words I write. many have been blessed and Gods words through me has affected the decision of a number of people. so for me that is more than rewarding. that God even uses me to speak and He gives men ears to listen and act is rewarding. It is a different thing for people to hear or read what you say. but when they allow those words to affect their lives intentionally then I know it is God reaching out to men with His words spoken through me,

5. Is writing your full time job or do you have another job?
Teaching is my profession. I love to teach, I love to inspire, I love to help people be at their best. You know sometimes people think that because they need help, they cant help others. not that I have all it as I would want but there is something more rewarding than having all of Life's physical blessings an and that is the joy of helping someone become a better and improved version of themselves.

6.What are the biggest challenges you face as a writer?
Sometimes it is the urge to get through to everyone. You may not be able to reach everyone at once, you may not be able to teach every heart at once. so I have learnt to take it one heart at a time, one message at a time, anyone that God intends it for will find it, because God knows specifically to whom he has released the word through me for.

7.What do you love most about being a writer?
 I love the fact that writing helps me realise myself and also helps others realise a part of themselves. It is healing for me and healing for the reader, I like the fact that writing is selfless, more than anything i seek the joy, satisfaction and change of someone i may never meet. because for every time i put a pen on paper, it is so that a life may be excited, hopeful and changed with the knowledge of those words

8.When you wrote ''Mrs to Misery'' did you have a particular audience in mind?
 Mrs to Misery was an attempt to correct some views about marriage. a lot of people want to get married these days because others are doing it, some want to get married because they need to feed their social media fans with latest news. There's no late Comer in marriage. Prepare yourself,  plan for the future,  Marriage is bigger than social media, it is bigger than ''aso ebi''. It is God's idea so anything outside fulfilling God's demand is man recreating the idea of marriage. 
It is for everyone, both the married and singles.  For singles to know that nothing beats preparation and for the married to know that nothing beats persistence.  Prepare with God for your marriage and stay persistent running through. 

9. Where do you see yourself in ten years time?
 Ten years is a long time.  If Jesus hasn't come by then because i'm Praying He comes now. By God's grace I definitely see myself a better person, doing a lot more with children - a club for children, I see myself as a famous force in helping people fulfil God's plan for their lives, maybe nurture the desire to be an author. Who knows 

10. Any advice to upcoming writers?
Writing is a call to heal and share. What do you have that is worth sharing? What purpose do you seek to serve? Entertainment, motivational. Whatever it is find your art and stay consistent. Your motivation should
 be in those you seek to share with. Writing is personal and until you find your own reason, you may not get around it, many have lost the sense of their reason and are frustrated and lost in their own art. Once you know why, you just keep going and don't stop for the sake of those who always need your reminder. 

11 . Your social media pages.      Instagram prime_pen

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