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Adventure of a Heart- Episode 17

        ''Funsho?''Kate repeated stupidly
'Yeah,you were with him on val's night remember!;well I don't want a child that isn't mine''   And so saying he went out and closed the door with a quiet finality.
        Kate sank to the floor,breathless. Her mind was in whirls. How on earth had Chris known? Thoughts of  that night came back to her. Chris had travelled the day before and was supposed to come back two days later. Funsho had invited her to dinner and then dropped her  home and  then insisted on coming in. Since Helen's marriage,she had had the flat to herself. After minutes of persuasion,She had felt her love for Funso coming strongly to the surface,she had thought it dead. Before she knew what she was doing,she was no longer able to resist his advances. But just before things went too far. She had broken free from his embrace and stood up.
      ''What is it?love'' Funsho asked
      ''Please go, I can't do it''
       After one  long moment,Funsho stood up and went out and that had been the last time she had seen him. And now,Chris was accusing her of infidelity,how did he know? Who told him?  She racked her brain for possible explanations but she was getting too tired to think. She closed her eyes to hold back the hot tears.
       Helen found her in this position when she came in almost an hour later. For an instant she looked at Helen with her tear-stained face,lying unconcernedly there on the rug. Then dropping her bag,she  went to her gently patting her shoulder.
      '' Kate,are you alright?'' She inquired
      ''Chris........oh....Chris'' Kate stared and began to moan.
     '' Katherine, wake up. What happened
      Suddenly,Kate was wide awake and seeing Helen,she sat up,her tears however did not stop flowing.
Helen,fearing that the worst ,asked agitatedly 'what happened to Chris'' She had to make conscious efforts to hold back the tears that was coming to her own eyes too. ''Talk now,Kate''
     Kate sniffed and wiped her eyes with the back of her hand . ''Helen,I'm finished''
     ''God forbid'' Helen put her hands around her. What is it?
   Suddenly conscious of herself,she cut herself short,how much had she told Helen?'' I had a  very bad dream about Chris'' She lied
    Helen looked at her for a moment then rose to her feet and perched on the sofa ''but why were you lying down on the rug,was it the dream that made you cry?
      ''   I dreamt that Chris died and I was crying. I didnt know tears were actually flowing. I guessed I dozed off without knowing it. It's alright''. Brightening up,she looked at Helen. ''How are you?. Are you just coming from the hospital?
Helen sighed ''No. I didn't go.''
''Why? You are on duty today? Aren't you?
I am. I just couldn't go. I'm depressed Kate''
''Come on,Helen,don't tell me you are bothering yourself over getting pregnant,or not getting pregnant. You should know better than to worry yourself..''
''Dotun's aunt came to our place this morning, she came to pick a quarrel with me. You won't believe me if I tell you all the insults she heaped on me''
''That's incredible. How long have you been married to warrant such nonsense?
''Kate it's going on for years now. It is long enough for me''
''Long enough for her to come and insult you in your own house?Kate hissed. That's what I keep telling you. You are too cool. What did your husband say?
Helen snorted '' What else would he say to you,about the incident?''
''He said I shouldn't worry,that I should just put everything in God's hand. But Kate,I am not happy. What if Dotun decides to take another wife? What if his aunt makes good her promise to send me out and Bring another woman in? What if.
Kate hissed as tears began to fall freely down Helen cheeecks.''That's the problem with you,Helen,You are too pessimistic'' Kate stood up and went to sitby her friend,momentarily forgetting her own troubles. ''Don't worry,we will win this battle''. God will soon answer your prayers

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