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Adventure of a Heart Episode 16


''I'm pregnant'' She repeated.
   Chris stood up from the dining table and began to pace around the room. True to his heart,he loved Kate but didn't wish to marry her. Somehow even after years of dating her,he had never learnt to trust her.
    He remembered some months ago when he and Kate had attended his cousin's wedding ceremony. His cousin had later called him and asked him if  that was the lady he wanted to marry. Though,he didn't give a straight answer,his cousin went on  to advise him that Kate wasn't  a wife material ,that she wasn't the type to stick to a man for long; and following that was the narration of Kate's undergraduate life of which Chris' cousin,I fe was a silent and unknown observer.
     Try hard as he could,Chris found it difficult to shake this exposition out of his brain. Contrary to Ife's assertion,he had dated Kate for  almost 2 years then and he hadn't any evidence of faithfulness. Then it happened that he suddenly decided to visit Kate one night, it was a night he would forever remember. He had returned from a trip earlier than sheduled and he knew Kate would not expect him.
     As he neared the front door door of Kate's flat, an impulse made him slow down his steps and somehow,he felt suspiscion in his heart. He was the front door now and he thought he could hear a man and a woman,the voice sounded like Kate's. Suddenly looking around, he walked gently to the side window of the sitting room. Thank God  it was dark and his dark suit just fitted perfectly into the night. The window was open and the curtain was drawn slightly,but enough to allow him peep inside the sitting room. There was no light in the room except for a candle that sat on the centre table but he could m,ake out the two figures in the sitting room. Kate sat on the sofa and a man whom Chris could not recognise, sat beside her holding her right hand. In the silence of the night,their voices floated out to Chris.
   ''fusho'' Kate said. ''I only agreed to dinner with you so you would know that I do not hold the past against you. But we can't have anything to do with each other again. I'm engaged and I love my fiance.''
  ''But Kate, what about our love? That I wasn't ready to be a father then did not mean I didn't love you. But you gave me no chance to explain,you disappeared and would have none of me and the next I saw of you ,you had Charles and I thought since I was graduating and going for service,I would be able to put you away and out of my mind. I was wrong, I've not been able, Sweetheart,I can't. I have tried hard to contact you before we met last week''
   His hands by now have moved to Kate's cheek and was busy stroking it. Kate raised  her left hand and held his hand to stop the movement.
   ''Please,give our love a second chance,I promise you,you won't regret it''.
  Funsho moved closer and Kate's resistance waned. Not long after,both of them were kissing deeply,unaware of their observer. Chris  straightened up and  gently traced his steps back to his car. He had had enough, there and then,he made up his mind not to marry Kate but since he enjoyed her,he decided to still keep her,pending the time he found himself a more worthy lady for a wife.
         '' Chris what is it?'' Kate asked sharply. She too had risen from the table and was coming round to where Chris was standing. Putting her hand around his neck, she asked '' Aren't you happy? I'm carrying your baby.
    Chris smiled and removed her hand then walked to the centre table and picked up his car keyes. Turning to Kate who was watching stupefied, he said.
   ''Does Funsho have a share in it also?

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