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10 Instagram Accounts Every Writer should Follow

Social media does undeniably help, and writers who engage online have the opportunity to connect with fans and find new one. Instagram  is one of the social media network that has grown rapidly and trust me,you need be there as a writer.  Instagram gives you the opportunity to share your works and connect with other writers. You would also find posts relating to your business,career or simply put it '' what you do''. 

As a writer,you need motivation,tips  and encouragement. There are instagram accounts that  can help support and promote your career

10 Instagram accounts every writer should follow

1.@africanwriters(write.grow.become) You want to explore your creative horizon,then follow @africanwriters. You get to take part in writing/poetry challenge and trust me it will help you. Join a community of writers by following.

2. @bymepoetry. Follow @bymepoetry to also take part in poetry contest. Follow & tag@bymepoetry #bymepoetry your poems, videos & art to be featured 

4.  @thesparklewritershub. Do you want to be a better writer? Do you need writing tips? If yes, follow @thesparklewritershub

5. @the_writers_circle. Follow and join @the_writers_circle to get your works featured and read other writers works.

6. @readwriteunite.  @readwriteunite is also a network of writers. They host challenges on Mirakee. Follow .

7.  Follow to get daily writing tips.

8. @africanfrelancers. Are you a writer? Do you plan going into frelancing?
Follow @africanfreelancers to get the right tips,resources,motivation and freelance tips

9. @writersuniverse. Follow to paticipate in weekly challenges.

10. @readers_and_writers. The page is for both readers and writers to enjoy and share their art

Feel free to add other accounts in the comments section.

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