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 Amidst my chest dwells a pain
Centre of my heart,it controls gains
Could it be a boil on my soul
With a pint of tender thought in action
Tiny jupiter of pain it gives a reaction
That shatters my emotions whole

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Of the slightest feeling in passion
It throbs violently with affection
With it,I swim in joyful dizzy
With it,I sway in peaceful tipsy
In the midst of curiosity
The wound I survey with telescope
Unsure,placed under the microscope
And viewed its generousity

Thy image,my name is written on it
Thy carving,my signature is imprinted on it
Ha!it eludes my reason
That thou the source of my joy
And fountain of my happiness,Oh boy!
;My feeling of  misery

I have the wound of affection-
Whenever I'm away from thee
I suffer the pain of Passion
Whenever I'm far from thee
Away from thee I will never be
As long as my being be


  1. Another great piece from u ma'am..plz let's talk?

  2. thanks @Hana. Please do send me a DM on twitter