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Analysis of ''The Sun Rising'' by John Donne

    ''The Sun Rising'' by John Donne is a metaphysical poem which centres on the metaphysical image of the sun. In the poem,the poet sees the sun as
      ''Busy old fool,unruly sun''
   The poet regards the sun as a neccessary evil and he starts by questioning the audacity of the sun to disturb him and his lover.
    ''Why dost thou thus
    Through windows and through curtains call on us?
   Must to thy motion lovers seasons run?''

The poet sees no reason why he should be disturbed by the sun, instead he calls the attention of the sun to those it should disturb
       ''Saucy pendatic wretch,go chide
        late school-boys and sour 'prentices
       Go tell court-huntsmen that the king will ride''

The poet  also says the Sun does not recognise ''season,clime''e.t.c
   ''Love all alike,no season knows,nor clime
    Nor hours,days,months,which are rag of time''

  In stanza 2,the poet continues by castigating the sun saying its rays is so admirable and bright and thats why its unruly.He also says he has no power to stop the sun
    ''Thy beams so reverend and strong
     why shouldst thou think?''

   The poet also accepts the fact that the sun controls and guides him,he also admits he can't do without the sun.
    ''But that I would not lose sight so long
     if her eyes have not blinded thine''

  As from the fifth stanza,the poet states a truism that he is sure that he feels the rays and beams of the sun,other people feel it too.An evidence of this is the various changes that happen to human beings and the whole world everyday due to the sun's activities. The poet also asks the sun to inquire whether the west Indians that resides in spice Islands are still mining precious metals. He also asks the  sun to
     ''Ask for those kings whom thou saw yesterday''
 but he answered himself saying those asked should have briefed the sun that
   ''All in one bed lay''
This means that the men of power yester-years are longer there,they have met the inevitable end-death.

   According to the poet,the sun is important to all parts of the world. In the last four lines of the poem,the poet concludes by saying since it is the duty of the Sun to warm up the world,it should continue to shine on him and his lover.

  Figures of Speech
1. Personification. Line 1 ''Busy old fool,unruly sun''

2.  Alliteration. line 2 '' Why dost thou does this?''

3. Metaphor.  line 10 '' Nor hours,days,months,which are rags of time''

4. Aprostophe. line 15 ''if her eyes have not blinded thee''

5. Imagery line 20 ''All in one bed lay''

6. Oxymoron . line 24 '' All honour's mimic;all wealth alchemy''

7. Simile line 25 '' Thou Sun art half as happy as we''

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