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    ''Now that you've made Chris mad,do you care to tell me what this stage play is all about?'' Kate demanded angrily from Dotun. Both of them were standing downstairs where Chris had parked his car formerly. Chris in his anger had driven off,turning a deaf ear to all Kate's calls.
   ''I'm sorry,but where is Helen?''Dotun asked
  ''What do you mean where is Helen? Isn't she supposed to be at your house?Kate retorted.
    Dotun stared at Kate stupefied. Where was Helen?Where had she gon? Had she done something stupid?As he cracked his brain,thinking of the likely places Helen could have gone,he forgot that Kate was still with him.
      ''Dotun!Kate was almost screaming. What happened?''
    Dotun started and looked at Kate. How could he tell her that he had been unfaithful to Helen. He certainly could not tell her. Tell her that he had driven Helen away to God knows where.
     '''Ehnn,she was at my place but she left and.......''
       '' She left?''Kate asked .What happened?
      ''Didn't she come here at all?
      Dotun looked agitatedly around and then at his wristwatch. It was some minutes after 9'0clock. Where was Helen?. Turning abruptly,he made for his car,opened the door and was about to get in when Kate said
   ''Aren't you going to tell me what.........''
    Kate stopped as she saw Helen,who was walking unconcernedly into the yard.Her head was bent down.
    ''Helen'' Kate called and walked to meet her. Helen was about to ask Kate what she was doing downstairs in her nightie when she saw Dotun. She gave him one glance and kept silent. She gave Kate a mumble and walked up the stairs. Kate climbed behind her.
      ''Helen!'' Dotun called as Helen entered the bedroom. She promptly shut the door and locked it.
       ''Helen'' Dotun callled again knocking her door but she got no reply. Sighing he sank on to a chair.Kate took a long look at him and knew what must have happened. Dotun looked so sad that she felt sorry for him and had to strongly resist the temptation to reach out and comfort him. And again,he looked so handsome ,even when sad,that once again she envied her friend.
     Dropping herself onto a chair,she took a deep sigh.
      '' You were with another woman,right!'' She asked bluntly after some time.
       Dotun looked up and his eyes told it all.There was  no more denial. He nodded.
     ''Will you help me tell her that I'm sorry'' he muttered. He had to force the words out and then began to bite his lips.
      ''Yeah!'' He nodded again. What duty are you on?
     ''Oh we've been placed on a permanent morning roll. Didn't she tell you?''
     As he rose up to go,Kate remembered that she had Chris to deal with.
    ''Now i have to go and make my own apology to Chris,No thanks to you'' She flung at him
     ''I'm sorry about that. Give me his address or his number . I'll talk to him.''
     ''It wont be necessary'' She replied.'' Good night''
    ''Night'' He replied and went out

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