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          When she left Adewale Estate on a bike;Helen suddenly decided she was not ready to go home. She knew Kate will pile her with a lot of questions and maybe Dotun will come looking for her,she wasn't ready to face him. So,she asked the ''okada'' rider to drop her and she decided to trek. The rest of the journey was about 30 mins and that''ll afford her the time to think and soet out her mind. Since the main road was deserted,she decided to take the streets,because they ran into one other. She reasoned she''ll be home before 9'o clock.
         Dotun!How could Dotun do this to her? This was her first experience of betrayal and she didn't know what to make of it. Was it that she had held him for too long? Who was the woman anyway? For how long had she been seeing Dotun? Why didn't the gate keeper help his boss in his hypocrisy?Why was it tonight,the night she had chosen to give Dotun a prize?What would Kate think of it?
           It's a good thing she had waited. How can a man lack self control or was it that Dotun no longer loved her? Was she responsible for his fall into the arms of another woman? Will she be able to love and forgive him even if he came back to beg her?

        All these questions ragged on and on in Helen's mind as she walked on. For the second time that night,she thought of Mike.She never saw Mike with another woman all the time they dated. But now,Mike was history and she was now in love with  Dotun and this made the pain of what he had done difficult to bear. On one part, She was grateful to Kate who persuaded her to come. If Kate hadn't insisted that she she went to Dotun,She'll not had known that Dotun was playing double with her. But now that she should be thinking of how to break up her relationship with Dotun,she was sad and couldn't think of leaving him. It was then she realised that she was more in love with Dotun than she could imagine and this surprised her.
         She checked her wristwatch and it was 8:40pm. She increased her pace slightly and tried to decide on what to do. Knowing that she'll soon reach home. She tried to bring her thoughts to a conclusion but the more she tried,the more confused she became. Finally she sighed and continued her journey......

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