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          Dotun, was not happy at all. When he got home he sat down on the sofa in the sitting room;lonely and feeling bad. It was just few minutes after 7pm and it was too early to go to bed on a Saturday night. If not for Helen,he would  have been at the club or with one of his numerous girlfriends. But he had stopped attending clubs since he got engaged to Helen.
         Getting up,he turned on the T.V set. The news was on and he began listening to it. He hated being alone at nights especially on cold nights. Now Helen had often kept him company but never in his bed and this he detested. He had felt admiration for Helen at her self control but could not help  toying with the idea of having one of his girls at night.
         He wasn't entirely to blame.The girls knew he was engaged but it wasn't going to stop them from flocking round him even when he gave them a cold shoulder. There was a particular girl,Sade,who deliberately closed her eyes and ears to all Dotun's appeal that he was no longer intrested in a relationship.
         Thinking of her now,Dotun smiled. Sade was a lovely woman only that Dotun was in love with Helen. He had spent a lot on Sade and he expected her to be content and stay back from him. But no!and Dotun found this amusing. Sade's house was just a stone throw from Dotun's and he thought of going there to pass a nice time. But then..........Helen
          A  Sharp ring at the door and Dotun jolted up. He had almost dozed off with his thoughts. He hoped to high heavens that whoever was at the door was Helen, but when he got there,he saw Sade in a sexy outfit,standing and smiling at him.

            Helen came from down from the taxi and walked towards the gate of Dotun"s house. She was exited. It was some minutes past 8pm. Her face was already aglow. She had decided that spending a night with Dotun was no big deal. It was another step in getting closer to him and it'll be an honour to truly be his woman.  Besides,She couldn't bear to see Dotun unhappy so she was happy in that she'll be making Dotun glad. After she had spent a great deal of time convincing herslf that she was doing a good thing she finally dressed and decided to come. Kate had been pleased when she told her.
            As she walked on,thoughts of her first boyfriend,Mike came into her mind. She remembered one night in Mike's room,with his room-mate out. Mike had wanted her,but she was just 19 and in her third year in the university. She loved Mike but then her father's strictness had compelled her to check herself. Her father always told Vero and her that they should face their studies and leave men alone. Besides,she herself was a serious student and an unwanted pregnancy could disrupt her career. Again,she felt she was too young. She told her fears to Mike who pleaded with her,almost on two knees,but not even his promise of a condom will shake her.In the end Mike had given up and even adored  her the more.........
            As Helen reached out to press the call button of the gate,it occured to her that Dotun might not be at home. She had refrained from calling him to inform him of her coming because Dotun loved surprises. Her presence was to be a surprise gift and she wanted to see the pleasure on his face.
          ''Your Oga dey house?'' She asked the gate-keeper as she stepped into the yard.
         ''Yes!He dey'' The gate keeper answered and chuckled within himself. He was used to                 '' Oga'' having  two different girls for the night. Tonight seems another different night for that.              ''This Oga sef'' He said and shook his head.
            Helen walked in between the row of well kept flowers and got to the front door. The light in the sitting room was on and she guessed Dotun must be there. She turned the door knob and found it was not locked,so She stepped in. She was about to call Dotun but the words stuck in her throat.
             Dotun and a woman on the floor of the room,locked in a passionate embrace!!

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