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      '' It's better to wait'' Helen replied in a small but firm voice.
        For a long moment,Dotun looked at her.Then without another word,he started the car and reversing into a roadside street,he turned and drove back the road to Suruulere. As he drove on,his irritation melted and was replaced by a glowing admiration for Helen who was the first woman that had not given in to his sexual advances after much gifts and love gestures. In fact,it was he who literally gave in to love advances from different girls who wanted one thing or the other from him.
        But he didn't say anything until he parked in front of Helen's house and even then,the only thing he said was a good night,before zooming off.
        Helen stared at his car until it was out of her sight. She was sad because in her own view,Dotun was angry. One mind told her that she should have gone with him. What if she lost him? But she knew she was doing the right thing. However this did not make her glad so she entered her flat and went straight to bed,fortunately,Kate was at out.
         But as soon as she settled to sleep,Kate bursted in.
      ''Helen!Are you home'' She called from the living room.
      ''Yes'' Helen replied putting her sadness in that word.
   Kate  thought Helen sounded down . Her thoughts were confirmed when She went into Helen's bedrrom and saw a long look on her face.
  ''  Is something wrong?''She asked dropping her bulk on the bed.
   ''  Not really''She was debating in her mind whether or not to tell Kate. But somehow,She knew she needed confirmation that She had done the right thing.
      ''Didn't Dotun's aunt like you? Or are you the one that doesn't like her? Kate continued
      ''No! She was marvellous. But when we were coming back,Dotun asked that I should spend the night with Him. He was actually driving to his house and I refused,he brought me here without saying anything to me, he was still angry when he left. Do you think that I should have gone with him?
      ''Helen'' Kate replied with irritation.''You annoy me at times. What rubbish are you saying? I thought you were going to tell me something serious like maybe he denied your pregnancy and  here you are giving this waiting,virgin stuff. What's come over you?
     ''But we are not married,besides you know the Church is against it,and its even against tradition '
      ''Shut up!Don't give me that crap. Just Imagine! In this 21st century, you're talking about tradition . How are you supposed to know a man if you're not intimate with him?''
       Kate hissed and got up from the bed, She atarted pacing around the room. She was angry and surprised at Helen. If she were in Helen's shoes,She would have seduced Dotun long ago.
      ''Kate,Helen asked. You are sleeping with Chris right?''
       Kate laughed and sat on the bed again. ''This isn't about Chris and I,it is about you and Dotun''. She replied and continued in a pleading voice. ''Helen, don't you know that Dotun is good and a rare catch? So many women wish they were you and they'll give anything to get Dotun from you. Besides,if Dotun doesn't love you,he won't want you. And ,if you keep up this attitude,you will loose him. In fact, the best thing is to tie him down with a pregnancy.
      Kate got up from the bed again and walked to the door,with Helen staring after her,mouth agape.At the door,Kate checked her wristwatch and turned.
     ''It's not too late''She continued. It's just 7:30pm. If you'll take my advice,now,you'll get freshened up,take a bike and go to Dotun's house. Apologise to him,spend the night there and give him some dose of pleasure. Thank God you are free tomorrow''. And with a glance at Helen she went out of the bedroom and went into the kitchen.
    Helen sighed;shook her head,and fell back onto the bed.

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