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     Cheif Roberts told his daughter to take her time to study Dotun and not rush into marriage. He gave his consent but he insisted on a traditional marriage. Helen was only to happy to consent.
      When Dotun and Helen left Chief Roberts' and got back to their base,Helen told Kate what had happened and Kate rejoiced with her. After this,Helen's love for Dotun intensified and she know she'll be happy being his wife. Her only regret was that she wished her mother was alive.
       Her mother,Nkiru Roberts was a nurse when she was alive and this was one of the reasons why Helen loved nursing. She had been shattered when her mother died. It was a say Helen will forever remember. Her sister,Veronica was 17,while she was 10 when it happened. They had just had lunch when their father rushed in to inform them  that their mother had been involved in a motor accident on her way to the market. The three of them got into their car and rushed to the hospital where they had taken her and when they got there,they learnt the bitter news that she had given up the ghost.
     Veronica fainted instantly while her father slumped in a chair. Helen stood still with tears running down her cheeks. The months that followed were the worst in Helen's life. She couldn't get over the loss but since she was in boarding school,her mates were of tremendous help. Her father did not remarry until Veronica travelled abroad and Helen was in her first year in the university.

       Their relationship kept growing and since both of them have agreed to get marrier,they were in what could be called courtship. Dotun had met Helen's father and now it was his turn to take Helen to his own people. He had only an aunt who mattered a lot to him. His parents were dead and his paternal aunt was the one who brought him up.
      So on an evening he took Helen to his aunt,Mrs Areola Akinloye. Mrs Akinloye was a business woman and she was married to a business man A.A Akinloye.
     Mrs Akinloye fell in love with Helen at firpreachedfirpreached. She didn't mind that Helen didn't come from their native tribe but in as much as Dotun was happy,she was content.
      Dotun was a man unused to long periods of celibacy. Since he met Helen,he had not known any other woman. That evening when they were returning from his aunt's place,he decided to play a fast one on her. When they reached the turning that led to Suruulere,he did not turn but went straight the road leading to Adewale Estate.
     " Where are we going?" Helen asked when they went past the turningturning
     " Home" Dotun replied smiling
     " You mean your house? To do what?
    " sleep.what else.?"
         As much as Helen was in love with Dotun,she did not allow herself to be blindfolo to her rules of chastity. Over the years,it had been impressed on her that you give yourself to a man only after the wedding bells. Again, she and Kate attended a Pentecostal church where they preached against  fornication all the time. Even though she did not attend regularly but she believed she was born again.Besides,she still felt she had not known Dotun sufficiently.
          Dotun please!turn the car back,she pleaded in a soft voice
      Dotun looked at her,slowed down and parked the car by the roadside
       " You ......don't want to go to my house?"
      " Not really...... Its late and I didn't tell Kate I won't be coming home.
       "Oh! That's easy. You'll call her when we get to my apartment."
     " No! No!pleasr turn back,she pleaded frantically
            Dotun looked intently at Helen,he was irritated. None of his women had ever played hard to get. All he had to do was to flick and they'll fall in his bed. But with Helen,he sensed a will power and this irritated him. He felt he had waited long enough. He tried to figure out what was responsible for her holding back. He wondered if she was a virgin bit he found it hard to believe. Again,he thought maybe it was her christian faith since they had been to church together a couple of times.
           " Helen" Dotun asked huskily looking straight into her eyes " why are you stalling". If Dotun never minced words,Helen was not used to roundabouts. Turning her gaze from Dotun she said in a soft voice.
       " Don't let's rush things,Dotun ".
       " But I love you and you love me too. What and where's the tush? Dotun argued on. Besides it's been almost 3 months we met and we're going to be married. Our yard stick should be love not time"

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