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Adventure of a Heart Episode 15

   ''Oh love!'' Kate snorted. What of the other woman in town? Do they care for your love''
    Helen kept silent.
  '' What of Dotun? Is he of this same atttitude.''
   ''No'' Helen confessed. He actually asked me last week. He wants to get married quickly since both of us are well off.''
  '' There you are'' Kate replied. If you keep up with this attitude.    Well.......its your business'' She concluded and neither of them said anything until they reached the hospital.
      But the thoughts kept creeping  into Helen's mind. She had always been assured of her hold on Dotun but now she was not so sure. Since she had caught Dotun with a woman,Dotun had never suggested going to bed with her again and Helen thought he was probably too ashamed of his past conduct. Helen on her part had decided to test his self control.
       Helen could not bear to lose Dotun. The more Helen thought about it,the more real it appeared to be. Before the day was over,she was upset and afraid that if she didn't marry him now,she might lose him. Especially as he was a woman's man,rich,handsome and well placed in the society. She decided to examine her life and see if she was really ready for marriage at the age of 23. She decided she was not too young,she had a job and she was well paid. Come to think of it,What am I actually waiting for? She asked herself. And before she falling asleep that night,She finally resolved to agree with Dotun when next he brings the matter up.
      Dotun who was already tired of courting Helen, brought up the matter of their marriage the next evening when Helen came to his place. Helen had come to his place immediately she closed from work at 7'0 clock. It was almost 9'0 clock and she got up to go.
     Rising from the sofa,she straightened her dress and said '' Dotun I'll see you tomorrow. She realised she didn't want to go and somehow her body was clamouring to be touched but she fought hard against it.
     Turning abruptly, she headed for the door but Dotun's voice stopped her.
  '' Helen, are you okay?'' He had noticed the change in her countenance,but could not attribute it to anything. He moved to her and inquired again
  '' Are you okay?''
  '' Yeah, I'm okay'' Helen replied smiling
''   Helen, Dotun continued, what date do you like us to pick for our marriage?''
  Helen looked at him for a long moment and asked smiling '' what date do you like us to pick?''
'' It could be tomorrow, I don't mind'' Dotun replied, coming round to hold her  and together they went back to the sofa.
  ''Be serious Dotun''
 ''Okay,you say when?''
 '' Welll,you know the protocol. We have to inform your people,my dad, who will in turn inform his church and all that stuff.... But notwithstanding we can agree to a month's time.
  '' A month'' Dotun whistled, Must it take that long?
   For a reply, Helen laughed and was abot checking her wristwatch when her phone rang. Snatching her bag from the table,she flipped it open and said '' It's  Kate
     '' Hello, Kate''
    '' I'm with Dotun
   ''No, not tonight. Alright, good night.
   '' What was it, Dotun asked as she put the phone on the table.
   '' I didn't tell her I was coming here and since its getting late, she wondered where I was.
   '' So? Dotun asked. It's getting late now'' he bagan softly ''and''
  '' You should come and take me home'' Helen interjected,laughing longingly at him.
  '' The hell I will, Dotun replied and sweeping Helen into his arms,he headed for the bedroom...

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