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Adventure of a Heart Episode 14

    Setting her glass down, she replied''I came here only.I decided to trek instead of taking a taxi''.
''Kate told me you've been replaced on a permanent morning roll.Why?
     Oh  They've decided that those of us who are university graduates are about night duties. Infact, I'm.
      ''I'm happy too'' Getting up from the table. He walked to the door...
   Are you leaving? Helen asked and surprised.
''No Come I want to show you something downstairs. When they got downstairs; Helen noticed that a new car was parked besides Dotun's car.
   Yes, what is it? She asked Dotun.
Dotun produced from his pocket, a Key holder containing the car keys,and handed it to her...
   ''I brought you this'' He said pointing to the new green coloured benz car.Hope you like it.
   Helen starred at him open-mouthed. She turned to the car and then back to him, embracing him. She was happy.
   Who drove it here? She asked; opening the door of the car.
   ''My driver.He's gone now''.
   ''But I can't drive''.
     So you want a driver or you prefer to learn how to drive?
   ''I'll prefer to learn so who will be my coach?
   ''At your service madam!'' Dotun replied giving a mock bow. Hand in Hand they walked back upstairs.

      ''When are you people getting married?'' Kate asked suddenly. Helen and she  were going to work on a Friday morning. Helen had completed her driving lessons and can now drive fairly well. Kate was certainly envious of her friend. She couldn't imagine Chris giving her a car.
     ''What did you say?'' Helen asked. Her attention had been fully on the road.
     ''When are you and Dotun getting married?''Kate asked again.
    '' We haven't agreed on a date yet.'' Helen replied. Slowing the car down,she allowed some children to cross the road.
   ''What are you waiting for?  Are you going to court for eternity?''
   Instead of a reply, Helen burst out laughing
  ''What's funny?''kate retorted
  ''You are. We've courted for almost 5 months. Not yet long enough"' Helen concluded.
  ''Not yet long enough for what?''
  ''To know him of course. I have to know the man I'm marrying.''
  '' Oh: So you think a whole lifetime is really enough to discover a man?Let me tell you,if  you don't insist on a marriage now,you may loose  him.''
  ''No I won't. He loves me!''

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