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Adventure of a Heart Episode 13


          ''What was all that about Chris''?'' Helen asked as she came out of her room.
         ''Not until you've told me what happened to you'' Kate replied.
         '' He told you. They were on the floor,Dotun and the woman I mean. I don't know what he wants from me now. You know ,I really trusted him. It broke my heart  and when I was coming I decided to trek.''
         ''You trekked! all the way from Adewale estate''
          '' Yes; I took the streets. It did me good.''
          '' So what are you going to do?'' Kate asked,searching her friend's face.
          '' I haven't decided'' Helen replied. She was on the verge of tears again and she blinked profusely.
          '' But don't you this?''
          '' Maybe you held him out too long. Anyway he is back now;apologizing. So?
         '' What do you think?''
         '' Nothing. You are inlove with him,aren't you?''
        ''Yes! I am'' Helen said
       ''Then take him back. After all,is it not the Bible that says Love covers a multitude of sins and that it keeps no account of wrong doings? Forgive him. If he hadn't done away with the woman,I'm sure he wouldn't have come . So forget it''. She concluded and was about to enter her room when Helen stopped her.
        '' You have told me what happened to Chris''
       ''Oh! that'' Kate replied and came back to her sit.

       '' Who was She?'' Helen demanded. She was siting on the settee in the sitting room with Dotun sitting opposite her. Kate had gone out to the evening market nearby. Dotun had spent the last 30 minutes apologizing and telling her how sorry he was but had carefully ommitted any detail about the lady. Somehow Helen was interested in knowing who she was.
        ''But Helen,must you know who she was? Dotun replied. Can't we just put all this behind us''
       ''But why did you do it?Helen demanded again.
        ''Honestly,I don't know. I can't say. I'm really very sorry. It won't happen again'' Dotun pleaded.
       One thing with Dotun was that he knew how to turn a stony heart to gel. He  had a way of looking sober that when he made his face like that,it was just impossible to be angry with him and he will even make a carefree person want to console him.
      That evening,his apology went straight to Helen's most inner parts and before she knew what she was doing,she was already besides him,hugging, a means of putting an end to the ugly episode.
       Dotun was happy that Helen wasn't difficult. He had prepared himself for the worst,but fortunately......
''So where did you go last night after you left my house?Dotun asked quietly. They were sitting at the dining table,eating rice. Dotun did not plan to ask that question but his curiousity gained better part of him.
      Helen smiled and reached for her glass of water. Her heart had totally  forgiven Dotun for his unfaithfulness. She realised again that she was really in love with Dotun and it amazed her.Never in her wildest dream  would she have thought of forgiving an unfaithful lover. Now she made up her mind that she will not give herself to him until they were married. This time will give her the opportunity to test his self control. If he fails again;she'll have to call it quits. But it wont be easy...........

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