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           For an instant,Helen stood there speechless,they were not even aware of her presence!When she regained her voice;She called out loudly but calmly  ''Dotun''!
          Dotun raised up his head and their eyes met. He cursed himself and wondered what Helen was doing at his house.As he rose up,Helen turned and went out of the house. She was already crying and she even ran to the gate,She didnt even wait for the gatekeeper to open it for her,she flung the gate open and ran to the main road,hailed a bike and then broke into fresh sobs.
        Dotun ran after Helen,calling her name, but it was either she didnt' hear or refused to answer. He saw her climbed ''okada'' and he stopped and turned back.
        ''Oga,hope nothing''His gatekeeper asked as he turned back
     ''Nothing'' He walked back  to the house but instead of going inside he sat down infront of the door and started to think.
       What would Helen think of him? He was a man of pride and he  hated contempt. But he loved Helen. Something told him he didn't love her but he corrected himself that he loved her,but not enough to wait for her. And Sade, what a correct girl! for a moment,he regretted Helen's interuption. Sade knew he was engaged so the question  of marriage was out of their talk.They both knew what they wanted. Their relationship was clearly symbiotic. He funded Sade while Sade played her part in bed. He knew their relationship ought to stop,but with Helen's constant refusal of his sexual demands,it wasnt easy.

      After Helen left the apartment,Kate decided that the night was too lonely to be spent alone and after some time she picked up the phone and called her boyfriend Chris inviting him to come over. Going over to the cd sets,She slotted in a blue audio cassette and went to the bathroom.
         What a naive girl Helen was!She wondered while having her bath. At 23,still a virgin. True to her heart,she had often envied her friend for her self control. During her undergraduates years,she had aborted two pregnancies both from two different guys. These incidents,she deliberately kept from Helen.  The first pregnancy was for Funsho ,an accountancy student who said he wasn't ready for fatherhood. The second one was for Charles,who denied it. She was left with no options than to terminate the pregnancy and during the second evacuation operation,she almost died,but for her aunt who took care of her.
         Her parents had been separated when she was 12 and she was their only child. The cause of quarrel was a second wife her father married after 13 years of marriage with her mother and there had been no other child.Her mother decided she couldn't cope with rivarly so she opted for divorce and moved out.
        Since then,Kate had attended boarding schools and even during the holidays,she would choose to go to her maternal aunt's place rather than go to her Mum's or Dad's. She had hated them and never forgave both of them for the divorce.
       Now at 24,She had Chris,who was either her sixth or seventh boyfriend,she had since lost count.She had  met Chris at a friend's birthday party and they had both fallen for each other. Chris was a pharmacist and he owned a pharmaceutical store. They have a fine relationship but after almost a year of dating him,Chris had not proposed marriage.
        This troubled Kate in no small way,but she was afraid to press it on Chris. Chris flares up easily and she was afraid of loosing him. But she is not getting any younger...........
        As she hung her towel on the rack in the room and reached out for her night gown,she heard a knock. Quickly,she put on the gown and donned powder lightly on her face. Spraying Chris's favorite perfume,she hurried to the door. Giving the table clock a galnce ,8:40pm. Chris was late so she'd fine him for that. Smiling,she opened the door,expecting to see Chris,but she was in for a great shock! It was Dotun!
      '' Where's Helen?'' She demanded anxiously
       It was sometime before Kate found her voice.
      '' Helen?''She asked stupidly
       Dotun,thinking that Helen didn't want to see him,pushed Kate aside and entered the sitting room. He made straight for Helen's bedroom,leaving Kate who stood staring at him dumbfounded.
     Suddenly, the door flung open and Chris entered the room. The first thing he saw was a man coming out of a bedroom! He forgot it wasn't Kate's room. He saw Kate who was in a nightwear,was also shocked.As Kate made to speak,Chris turned abruptly and went out. Kate ran after him,forgetting she was in her nightie. Dotun,desperate to know where Helen was,ran after Kate calling her...