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      As an avid reader of literature in English or a Literature Student, I believe you have to read some literary texts. I have compiled a list of 80 literary works, ranging from prose to play, both African and Non-African texts. Go through the list and add your own list too in the comment box. I have read them all and I can bet you, you'd like to read the books. How many have you read?
    Mind you, this list is not based on ranking or hierarchy, it is however based on the way they have been used over the years in Nigerian Universities.

80 books you must read as a literature student
1.Things Fall Apart-  Chinua Achebe

2.Oedipus Rex-   Sophocles

3.Macbeth- Williams Shakespeare

4. A Grain Of Wheat- Ngugi Wa Tiong'o

5. The Lion And The Jewel- Wole Soyinka

6. Waiting For Godot- Samuel Beckett

7. The Poor Christ of Bomba- Mungo Betti

8. Wuthering Heights-Emily Bronte

9. The Importance of Being Earnest- Oscar Wilde

10. Forest of Flowers-  Ken Saro Wiwa

11. Kongi's Harvest-Wole Soyinka

12. Tell Freedom-Peter Abraham

13. Heart of Darkness-Joseph Conrad

14.Julius Ceaser - Williams Shakespeare

15.The Gods are Not to Blame-Ola Rotimi

16. Ake- Wole Soyinka

17. Esu And The Vangabound Minstrels- Femi Osofisan

18 Gullivers Travels- Jonathan Swift

19. Robinson Crusoe- Daniel Defoe

20.A Walk in The Night- Alex La Guma

21. Doctor Faustus- Christopher Marlowe

23. Romeo and Juliet-  Williams Shakespeare

24.Fine Boys- Eghosa Imasuen

25 Ovoranwen Nogbaisi- Ola Rotimi

26. Great Expectations-Charles Dickens

27.Arrow of God- Chinua Achebe

28. Madman and The Specialist- Wole Soyinka

29. Sinzwe Bansi is Dead- Athol Fugard
30.Arms and The Man-George Bernard Shaw

31.Hamlet-  Williams Shakespeare
32.Animal Farm-George Owell
33. The T rials of Brother Jero- W ole Soyinka

35.Our Husband Has Gone Mad Again- Ola Rotimi
37. Death and the King Horseman- Wole Soyinka

38-She Stoops to Conquer- Oliver Goldsmith
39. The Potters Wheel- Chukwuemeka Ike
40.Nineteen Eighty Four-George Orwell

41.The Canterbury Tales-Geoffery Chaucer
42. Tempest- William Shakespeare
43.Holding Talks-Ola Rotimi
44.Tenants Of The House- Wale Okediran

45.A Man of All Season- Robert Bolt

46. The Return Of Ameze- Felix Ogoanna

47. Triumph of The Water Lilly- Stella Ify Osammor

48..The  African Child- Camara Laye

49. Purple Hibiscus- Chimaamanda Adiche

50. Hopes of the Living Dead-Ola Rotimi

51. Lonely Days- Bayo Adebowale

52. Attahiru- Ahmed Yerima
53. Half of a Yellow Sun- Chimaamanda Adiche
54.Sons and Daughtes- Joe c D Graft

55. The Joys  Of Motherhood- Buchi Emecheta

56.The Trial of Dedan Kimathi- Ngugu wa Thiong'o and Micere Mugo

57. Bottled Leopard- Chukuemeka Ike

58. In Dependence- Sarah Ladipo Manyika

59- The Interpreters- Wole Soyinka

60.Tess of the d'Urbervilles- Thomas Hardy

61.Silas Marner- George Elliot

62. The Mayor of Casterbridge- Thomas Hardy

63.The history of Rasselas,Prince of Abissina- Samuel Johnson

64. Second Class Citizen- Buchi Emecheta

65. The Spanish Tragedy- Thomas Kyd

66.Once Upon Four robbers- Femi Osofisan

67. The Last Days at Forcados High School- A.H Mohammed

68. Violence- Festus Iyayi

69. Women of Owu-Femi Osofisan

70. Harvest of Corruption-Frank Ogbodo Ogbeche

71. No Longer at Ease- Chinua Achebe

72. The Concubine- Elechi Amadi

73. Native Son- Richard Wright

74. Midnight Hotel - Femi Osofisan

75.The last Duty-Isidore Okpewho

76. The Wives Revolt- J.P Clark

78. The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born- Ayi kwei Amar

79.Endgame- Samuel Beckett

80.Efuru - Flora Nwapa

81. Second Class Citizen-Buchi Emecheata

82. Devil on the Cross-Ngugi wa Thiong'o

83. Native Son-Richard Wright

84. Once Upon Four Robbers-Femi Osofisan

85-Othello- William Shakespeare

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