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54 African poems you should read.   I earlier had complied 85  literary texts you should read as aliterature students. Today, I have compiled a list of African poems you should read

1.   Africa- David Diop
2.   Piano and Drums- Gabriel Okara

3.   Telephone Conversation- Wole Soyinka
4.   Somehow We Survive-Dennis Brutus

5.   Ibadan- J.P Clark
6.   Nuit de Sine- Lepold Senghor

7.    Abiku-J.P Clark
8.   A Villager's Protest-  Niyi Osundare

9.    Losers of Everything- David Diop
10.  Abiku- Wole Soyinka

11.   Ambush-Gbemisola  Adeoti
12.   I am the Tree- Dennis Brutus

13.  Viaticum- Birago Diop
14.  The Drought and Us- Odia Ofeimun

15.  Vultures- David Diop
16.   Agbor Dancers- J.P Clark

17.  The Pauper- Richard Ntiru
18.  Nightfall in Soweto-  Oswald Mtshali

19. I Will Pronounce Your Name-  Lepold Senghor
20. The Messiahs- Odia Ofienum

21. The Mystic Drum- Gabriel Okara
22. Night Rain-J.P Clark

23. Endless Song-  Tanure Ojaide
24. Boy on a Swing- Oswald Mtshali
25.  Vanity- Birago Diop
26.  Black Woman - Lepold  Senghar

27.  A Troubadour I Traverse- Dennis Brutus
28.  Songs of Sorrow- Kofi Awoonor

29. Expelled-  Jared Angria
30.  The Casualities- J.P clark

31.  Post Mortem- Wole Soyinka
32.  The Cathedral- Kofi Awoonor

33. African Thunderstorm- David Rubadiri
34. In the Navel of the Soul- Kobena Acquah
35. Homeless Not Hopeless- Sola Owonibi
36. The Fence-  Lenrie Peters

37.The Anvil and The Hammer- Kofi Awoonor
38. The Panic of Growing older- Lenrie Peters

39.  That My Country May Move Forward- Jerry Agada
40. They Too Are Earth- Niyi Osundare

41.  Refugee Mother and Child-  Chinua Achebe
42. Nightsong City-  Dennis Brutus

43.   Love Apart- Christopher Okigbo
44.   The Cleaners-  J.P. Clark

45.  I Think It Rains-  Wole Soyinka
46.  The Nigeria Railway-  Niyi Osundare

47. The Mesh- Kwesi Brew
48.  Heavens Gate- Christopher Okigbo

49.  Leaf  in the Wind- Benard Dadie
50.  Promise- Arthur Nortje

51. Olokun- J.P Clark
52.  Agony-  Tchicaya U Tam'si

53.  Letter to a Poet- Lepold Senghor
54.  No Coffin, No Grave- Jared Angira

55. The Anvill and the Hammer-Kofi Awoonor


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