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30 Non-African Poems You Should Read

  Here is a list of 30 Non-African Poems I'm sure you would like to read

1. Redemption- George Herbert
2. God Forgotten- Thomas Hardy
3. My last Duchess- Robert Browning
4.To an Athlete Dying Young- A.E Houseman

read also

5.The Second Coming- W.B Yeats
6. Journey of the Magi-  T.S Elliot
7. Anthem for Doomed Youth- Wilfred Owen
8. Nature's Questioning- Thomas Hardy
9. Lovers infiniteness- John Donne
10. To his coy mistress- Andrew Marvel

11. The Hippopotamus- T.S Elliot

12.  Death be not proud- John Donne
13 .Easter 1916- W.B Yeats
15. Birchees-Robert Frost

16. Crossing the Bar- Alfred Lord Tennyson
17. The Good Morrow-John Donne
18. Daffodils- Willaim Wordsworth
19. Greater Love- Wilfred Owen
20. The school boy- Willaim Blake

21. The Proud King-William Morris
22. Upon an Honest Man's Fortune- John Fletcher
23. Strange Meeting- Wilfred Owen
24. Bat - D.H Lawrence
25. The Soul's Errand-Sir Walter Reigh

26.The Solitary Reaper- William Wordsworth
27. The Garden- Andrew Marvell
28.I Wandered lonely as a Cloud- William Wordsworth
29. The Sun Rising-John Donne
30. The Prelude- William Wordsworth

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