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      Oh great majestic innocent and lovely mother
      Giant  mammoth of ageless treasures and immortals
      Your breast is a sea of honey and ocean of milk
      Your vast treasure of wealth imfinitudly wrapped in green
      In your domain enough is to satisfy your children
      Which outnumbers a sea of sand in total navel

     To preserve your overflowing treasury
     We appointed you leaders to your luxury
     To watch,care and suplly your needs
     While you make provision for our meals
     But the flesh is weak,and the keeper turned killer
     They turned the cannon on you and left us to suffer.

     They chained you in eternal agony
     And kept  us in perpetual anomy

     How  hard for a child to carry a mammoth!
     But water sails through the rocky tumult
     So with endurance,perseverance and faith
     We shall sail through with pacified praise

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