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Where words fail, music speaks- Let's meet MORA

   I see myself as someone who should have some level of success and a career that could inspire the younger generation to be the best version of themselves as possible -
    We have here today a Nigeria musician "MORA" who is based in Canada,he talks about himself,career,life and many more. Stay tuned


1. let's get to know you?

My name is Oluwafemi Ijatoye but I go by the name of "Mora" that's my stage name. I'm a Nigerian pop artist. I'm also final year student of marketing at York university, Toronto. I'm from a family of six with three siblings and I'm the oldest. What else? I'm from Ondo state Nigeria and my music's my passion.

2. What was growing up like?

Growing up was a lot of fun you know, being around a lot of music and very focused and intelligent people can really help a child easily find his/her path in life. I spent like half of my childhood in the southern part of Nigeria (warri to be precise) and half of it in the West cos I was in boarding school and yeah that too was a lot of fun and experience for me growing up.
3. How did you come about the name Mora

Okay. So my name is Femi and most people call me Femo sometimes as an alias already you know. So I had this uncle who's late now by the way. But most times when he comes to visit and he's in a really good mood and he wants me to go do something he'll just be like "Femora" Oya go and do this for me or go and do that for me you know. From there my parents picked it and my friends picked it and everybody else, so when I finally decided to chase music professionally I initially chose "Femora" but eventually a lot of girls would rather call me "Mora Mora Mora" most people said it sounded too feminine that they preferred Mora and that it's pretty easy to remember and catchy too. so I went with it.

4.When and why did you start singing?

Hmmmm.. When? If you're asking about professionally then it's May 25th 2015 I dropped my first official single. But if you're talking about when I started music I honestly can't tell, maybe eight or nine. Been doing covers of other people's songs, I wrote my first song when I was eleven.
I can't really tell why I started singing, I just see myself doing it and it makes me really happy. It's where my passion lies, it's what I think of 23 out of 24 hours in a day. So why not chase a passion and build a career and story that can inspire and change the world around us. I just honestly see it as my destiny and my mission here in life to be able to contribute to people's happiness with my voice.

5. Which famous musicians have you learnt from and what did you learn?

Wow, Psquare, Michael Jackson, Fela, 2baba, king Sunny Ade, wizkid, Wande coal, Majek Fashek, trust me the list is long I can keep going. I just really love great melodies and so I listen to the greats.
Trust me I'm still learning and I feel like I haven't even started my journey yet, because it's ongoing. I've learnt music structures and the business too.

6.You are still schooling,so how do you manage to balance music and other obligations

To be honest I just thank God for his strength and grace in my life. It's really not been easy but we still pushing through it. I'm kinda getting used to it now, I set my priorities straight and go with it. Like I've been quiet for a while now I haven't released any music you know, and it's not because I don't have new material it's cos I know that the moment I release any project now it's gon distract me from school cos' of the shows even though right now I've been getting booked for events but I've been declining cos of exam and all. But I'm getting back on my A-game any moment from now.

7. Your songs "I don't mind" and "beautiful"are cool songs. What's your inspiration?

 " I don't mind" wasn't a song that was planned it kinda just happened. So I was introduced to Nyasha the producer of the song through another artist at my school and so I booked a session with him to go record another song that I produced and that was the first time we met and immediately he liked my sound and we just had this vibe or should I say chemistry then boom, couple weeks later he dm'ed me on IG and said he had this beat he'd like me to hear and we linked up and vibed in the studio and that was it. "I don't mind" was the product. And for beautiful first time he mention the beat to me was during the video shoot for " I don't mind". He was like "bro I've got this beat you know to hear it's straight fire" and trust me I'm very open minded 2 days later he sent it to me and I loved it immediately and so I wrote to it but it was inspired by the girl in my life at the time.

8.Where do you see yourself in the competition 5 years from now?

Well, firstly I don't see it as a competition even though it is. But in 5 years I see "Mora" as a household name in Nigeria and by the grace of God the rest of Africa. I see myself as someone who should have some level of success and inspiring career that could inspire the younger generations to be the best version of themselves as possible. I see a lot of hit singles and atleast I should have 2 albums and 1 Ep out by then.

9. What projects are you working on currently?

As of right now I'm working on a bunch of projects for my fans and supporters all over. For me it's mostly music and I have an audience now but I'm working on getting the music to more people to enjoy and grow with the sound. So I'm really just doing some underground work while I'm making music.

10. A word of encouragement to upcoming musicians and fans.

I'd say, just believe in whatever you do and pray. As long as your passion lies there you will make it. Don't go with the crowd or the trend, try to create your own lane and focus on what's important. Spread love and never hate.

Thanks for your time and I hope you get to show love and continue to support your boy Mora. Love you, peace out.

This is one of Mora's songs titled I DON'T MIND                  

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