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                 June 7,2016
         " You people can't keep me here, it's like you don't realize who I am. I will sue you, just let my lawyer come. You are arresting me for murder, where is your proof?" He ranted with the whole of his being.
     " Oh yes! And he won't be able to defend you properly cos we have this" I said as I waved the files in my hands. I displayed them on the table so that he can have a proper view. " you see, you don't have a case."
    He stared dumbly at the documents for a while
   " Mr Chet Waston, just tell me why you killed Aliya, Shetima and Tania" I asked calmly
     " Tania betrayed me. I loved and trusted her but she told you my secrets. Traitors have no place in my life. She deserved to die"
     " What  of Shetima and Aliya?"
     " Aliya! She was just unfortunate. Aliya saw what she shouldn't have seen. I sent Aliya and Shetima to minister Garba Emmanuel at sun view hotel. Minister Garba mistakenly killed Shetima, they were involved in Sadomasochism. Shetima died and Aliya witnessed it. She ran for her life. Minister Garba was afraid that Aliya would spill his secret. So he threatened me and instructed me to kill Aliya. I had no option but to do it. I sent stoner to trail Aliya, and he later found her at Akure. "The rest was history ".
     " So you mean you killed Aliya to cover up for somebody's crime". This is incredible.

                        June 8,2016
      "Hello Inspector Simi on the line"
      "Inspector Simi, this is DPO Soliu Ausum, I need your back in Akure, at least you've solved the case. You found the Murderer".
       " Sir, We need to trail one minister....... ".
        " I need your back in Akure, I have a case I need you to handle".
          "But Sir, I'm due for leave".
           " When you come,we will discuss this ".


        Our language had been checked and we were sitting patiently waiting for our flight to be announced.
         I stood up and moved over to Hassan.
      " Hassan, I need to tell you something.
He shifted and lowered his gaze on me.
       "Life is short, and for the remaining days of my life, I want to be with you. I want to be your wife. I said I busted into tears.
       " Oh Simi!!! Hassan said as he pulled me closer"...
                 THE END.

Written by Olawumi Nana

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