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          I couldn't sleep,I tossed up and down on my bed,ruminating about the whole case. I dont know what to make out of it. I stood up and went to Hassan's room,his room was just opposite mine.
     KO KO KO, I knocked on the door. The door knob turned open.
        " Simi......."
     " I couldn't sleep,I need to solve this case as soon as possible" I said as I surveyed the room. I found Aliya's diary on the bed. "Oh! You are reading her diary,what did you find."
    " Same thing we have heard from anyone,but I found a code "qwertyui" in her diary dated April 15.
    " qwertyui!,what could that mean"
    " I don't know" Hassan said as he collected the book from me."let's talk about us",he said fixing his gaze on me.
    " Us,what about" I said stuttering
    " Simi,cut it off,don't pretend you don't know what I'm talking about. Why do you keep me waiting,I love you and I want you.Be my wife."
    " Hassan,look I've told you.... I can't build a relationship with anyone,not after what Bayo did to me." I said as I moved towards the door.
       Hassan stood up,dragged me into his arms and covered my mouth with his. His lips moved over mine with all the skills of a man who knew his way around women. I shut my eyes and allowed my self to be carried away in this new world. The kiss was different from every other kiss I had shared in the past. I knew I loved Hassan,Our mouth moved in a kiss that was no longer smooth and polish but a kiss that was rough with need..the need.
        Hassan drove me against the wall,his fingers tangles in my hair,his body pressed to mine. I trailed my fingers on the muscles of his arms and shoulders,sending him pleasures down his spine. He gathered me close,held me and trailed kisses down my eyelids. His mouth moved slowly over mine but deliberately parted my lips,our tongues tangled as we kissed.. He brought his hand down to my clothes and nearly tore them in haste.
           At last our clothes lay on tangled around us and we were at last lying down flesh to flesh.We clutched closed and lost our self to this maddening hunger that was consuming us.

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