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  I got to Iju and it didn't take me so much time to place Iya Eleja's  house. I got down from my car and did a little survey of the area. I later went straight to the house and like a CID that I was,I as composed.
     I met Iya Eleja outside,A woman in her sixties,her eyes looking dim.
    " Mummy good afternoon ma," I said
   " Good afternoon my daughter "
   "  Its like you don't know me again,I'm Abeyi the daughter of Aduke,who sells aro"...I said confidently trying to take advantage of the woman's poor sight.
     "Abeyi,Aduke,ahah! And I can't place the name o"
    "Ah,Iya Elena,you know me now,I'm Ibukun's friend"
     "Oh,how are you now,bawo ni,Ile nko'
     " fine ma,Mummy what of Ibukun,I called him,but his number wasn't going through. What's happening?'
    " Nothing o,just that he has been busy these days"
     "Ibukun! Ibukun! The business man,importer and exporter"
     "Importer and exporter bawo,he works in an hotel"
       "Mummy,abeg e fi yen le,whether hotel or no hotel, any rich man is a business man. At least he refurbished the house for you within 2 weeks"... I said looking round the house,the house was looking so new.
     " 2 weeks bawo,its 3 weeks ohhh"
     " Anyway ma,I will come back to check on him"
    " why not go to his house in Akure,nobody knows when he will come here"
    "Ah, Mummy. I'm in Iju now,you should know when he will come now abi'
   " OK oooo,he should come between today and tomorrow.
  " Odabo ma"
*********         **********       ***********
Wow!that was a perfect act..I said to myself. I really fooled the woman and she believed me. I picked up my phone and I called Hassan.
     " Hello,Hassan,I need 3 cops from our department in Iju as we speak now. Please be fast about it,I will be waiting"
          30 Minutes Later
   " Simi,why are we here,I thought you wanted to interrogate Mr Ibukun Ade" Hassan asked me.
     " I should be asking you what you are doing here. I said I need 3 men and you are here. Where are the others?" I asked
     "In the car"
    "Call them for me" I said
   "OK ma" Hassan said as he did walked towards his car to call the others.
    " So Corporal Doyin,Corporal James and Corporal Ernest,I need you to watch that house and its owner for the next 5 days" I said pointing over to Iya Elena's house and showing them a pics of her that I snapped without her noticing me.
"Also ,I need you to keep an eye on this man" I also gave them Ibukun Ade's picture. " once you see him around,don't give him too much time,arrest him." I said waving my hands as a symbol of authority.  " I do not want any mistakes"
      " Yes Ma! "They all chorused
       " okay ,I'm done here. Hassan let's go" I motioned to Hassan
      *********      *******      *********
    We drove back to Akure,Hassan driving and me explaining everything that happened.