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 Hassan drove me home and also went to his own house.I went inside and ate dinner.It was 7:00pm already. I took a shower and laid on my bed. I had to sleep,cos I knew I had a long day ahead of me
    *******       **********       ******
         May 11,2016
  The sound of my phone woke me up,I looked at the time,it was 8:00am,I must have really slept. I looked at the phone,it was Hassan calling
     'Hello! Hassan%
     'Hello ma,I'm already at the office,Dpo just asked of you.'
      'OK,I would join you shortly'
        *******     ******** *******
        I walked into my office and saw Hassan .
    'Hassan make sure you write the report concerning everything we gotten from the case so far.And also here is the recorded conversation'....I said handling him a tape recorder. Meanwhile I will be going in search of that Mr Ibukun Ade. Let me see what I can get'
     "But,Simi don't you think you should take some backups. I don't like the idea of you going out on the field alone"..he said
   I looked dazzed for some minutes, did Hassan just call me by my name.
  " Simi,at least take a cop with you" he said with plea in his eyes
    " Don't worry I will be fine" I said as I dashed off to the dpo's office.
   I saw the DPI on his seat receiving a phone call.He motioned me to come close and seat down.
    " So,Inspector Simi,have you started" he asked.
    " yes! I have started,but I haven't found much" I said confidently.
   " OK,good luck,you may go"
    " Thank you sir".I said and left the office. I went straight to the car park.I entered my car and drove off to No 24,Alagbade,Oke -ijebu,Akure. That was Mr Ibukun's address.
   *******       *******     *******
    "Who is knocking at the door?"  a voice answered  from behind the door.
    I remained silent,as I heard the door cracked open.
   " yes!who are you".a middle aged -mab demanded with anger flushing in his eyes.
   "I am Inspector Simi from NPF A division..I said showing him my ID card. I'm looking for Mr ibukun Ade"
    "Ade no longer lives here"
   "So where does he lives?"
   " He didn't say,he just came and packed out his things one day.he didn't tell anyone one where he was moving too,but you can check his mother's house. "
    " where is that?"
    " The woman lives at Iju. Her house is just besides the Oja-ale market. She is popularly known as Iya Eleja"
     " Alright,thanks"

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