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      I  glanced through the file and quickly tucked the files inside my trousers. I moved gently out of the room. i locked thedoor and moved down the staircase. As  I walked down the stairs, i noticed a guard moving round,I quickly ducked under the stairs. I was scared that if  the guard should sight me,it would definitely spell doom for me.
        I stayed under  the stairs for 10 minutes,before the guard left. I  came out of  the building,jumped over the fence and made my  way towards the car. There I saw Hassan pacing up around.
            ''Goodness  gracious!. Thank God. I thought I'd lost you. It's 30 minutes already. I  was scared''Hassansaid.
      ''It took me minutes to find this''I  said as I brought out the files.
        ''I hope its worth looking at''
        ''Definitely it is'' I said asi handed over the file to Hassan
        We hopped into the car as Hassan drove to Sunview hotel. We had changed our hotel due to the attack we  had experienced.
      ''It seems your phone is ringing,Simi''
      " Oh,it's  true oooo,I did not even hear it ring'' I said as i rummaged  through my bag  to pick  the phone
      ''Hello, Inspector  Simi on the line"
       " Hello,it's Corporal James ma,we've gone to the location and we found the body of a woman in the wall. We've ID her as "Ejiro Tega"The toxicology reports says she was stabbed in the neck,before she was put in the wall. We also found a golden locket on her,we'd like you to bring her friend in to also ID the locket"
      " Great job done" I'll get back to you"
"That's Coporal James" as said as I turned to Hassan. " I asked the team to trace the location the gun man gave us. And they' be found the body. Its Aliya's body.

       ******************     ***************       *********************
      " Inspector Simi,so what you are telling me is that we have all the evidence we need to mail Chet Waston? The Dpo asked incredibly as he looked at the documents I hI just gave him. " I must confess this information is top-notch" he said as he flipped through the pages one after another. " Look, here are the names of notable ministers in the country"
       " Yes Sir, I believe they are his regular customers, he supplies them girls and cocaine" I interjected.
        " But tell me,how did you get this" The Dpo asked.
        " I sneaked into his house"
        " My! My!That was risky. Anyway good job. You have my order,go and arrest him""

            ***********         ****************     *************
     Chet Waston was in the company of some  girls  when we barged in on him at his guest house.
      " What the hell is this" he shouted upon sighting us.
        " Mr Chet Waston, you are under arrest for the murder of Miss Shetima,Aliya,Miss A me for Tania and for  other criminal acts. You have every reason to remain silent other wise whatever you say shall be used against you in the court of law " I said.
       " This is absurd "
       " You will know that when you get to the police station and don't try to play funny,you can see we are all armed"
       " let me call my lawyer"
      " You will do that when you get to the station. Sergeant Badura, handcuff him"

Written by Olawumi Nana