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               June 4,2016
    " Who sent you?" I asked
    The gunman looked at me and eyed me without saying without saying a word.
   ''can't you talk'' Sergeant Badura said as he slapped the man
  ''No'' I said abruptly,''let me see you outside for a second.I moved towards the door as I beckoned on Badura
    ''Inspector Simi, why didn't you allow me to torture the man' 'Badura said angrily.
   ''He has a family right'' I said as soon as we were out of ear shot
    ''yes, we dug  on that, he has a family in Zaria, a wife and 2 children "
    I smiled as I turned around. " I got him already, I think I've found a way to   make him talk."
    " Are you suggesting  we bring in his family " Badura interjected
     " Not at all.......just wait for me I'll be back "
    I came back with a cup of tea in my hands
    " What are you doing? don't tell me you want to give him tea!Inspector Simi" Badura asked angrily"
     " No, you are going to give it to him" I handed it over to him
     " But why? torture works believe me, not this oyinbo method''...
     ''Don't worry, I'll explain to you later'', just give him the tea and ask him questions politely,you know a hungry man is an angry man...
      ''Ok Boss'',  he collected the tea from me and went into the questioning room.
      ''So, oga, here is the tea for you.'' Just take it and let's get back to business. At least you haven't eaten anything''...
       I watched the conversation closely from the door.
        The gunman collected the tea and drank it...
     Immediately, he began to have seizures, his mouth started tingling and his breathing slowed down.
   ''Oh my God!what is this?'' Badura exclaimed.

 I quickly rushed in, I lifted the man and kept him flat on the back, with his head below the body
     ''Badura, quickly get the medics'' I   commanded. Badura went out of the room to get the medics
      '' Listen to me, Mr Gunman, you are dying, I'm not sure you want your family to suffer............''
      ''How did you know about my family and what have you done to me.....''he said gasping for breath.
    ''That's not  the point, who sent you?''
     '' Chet Waston'' he managed to mutter...
      ''Ok, what happened to Aliya''.
       ''Chet Waston ordered me to kill her, I also cut the brake of one Mr Ibukun Ade. Chet feared he would talk, he helped us kidnap Aliya. I had to silence him'. He said groaning in pains and gasping for breath...
        "Why did Chet send you to kill her?"
       "I don't know, I only followed his instructions''.
        " What of Sherifat, did you also kill her"
        " No, I did not. I know nothing about that"
         ''Where is Aliya's body''
        ''In a wall, in a deserted building in Onofowokan estate, Akure...
     The medics entered the room right on time... I turned to them and said,''Give him hypodermic injections of alcohol and atropine.. Give him artificial respiration if needed.He will be fine, trust me...'' I said as I moved out of the room''.
     Badura followed me immediately and accosted me. ''What the hell was that?" He managed to ask.
      ''What?' I said looking at him keenly
    ''You know what you did, you tried to kill that man, don't you know you can be prosecuted for that? He shouted at the top of his voice," he could have died and we could have lost the case, your case, my case"
    I stared at Badura blankly for a moment before I opened my mouth to talk " I just found a way to make him talk, I gave him aconite "
   " Aco what!
    "Yes aconite, what I did was torture, death itself and it worked, you see, nobody wants to die. He confessed"
      " Are you serious"
       " Yes, Chet Waston sent him"
      " Arghhhhhh, Chet Waston, we can't just barge in on him and arrest him based on the words of a criminal, he is one of the most....."
      " Cut it off, I have heard that thousands of time. You people need more proof, I will get it for you"
         ***********       **************   ********************      *********

     Look, Simi, I'm still not convinced about this,it isn't  a good idea,this idea is crazy. The guy has confessed that Chet sent him. Let the DPO give us the warrant to arrest him."
      " Chet is a powerful man,we need more proof. Don't worry I'll be fine ."  I said as I got down from the car.
       It was 10:00 pm and I was standing 12 kilometers away from the magnificent Chet Waston's Building. I brought out a map, took a quick glance at it and folded it back. I had had the gun man sketch the map of Chet's House for me without anybody's knowledge. No one knew about my plans except Hassan, I needed Hassan as my back up in case anything happens. I walked down the streets and toured the environment for 10 minutes. I moved over to the back of the house and climbed over the fence and landed myself in the house. The gun man had told me Chet wouldn't be around today so the number of securities would reduce. I entered into a room, the room's door was facing outside. I removed the ceiling and climbed  through the ceiling right inside the house. In no time, I landed myself in the sitting room. I took the stairs and went straight to Chet's room. I brought out my master key and opened the door. I bent down to work and started to look for anything incriminating, files, documents, pictures e.t.c.I couldn't find anything; I was dejected.
         I later moved towards the curtains, I drew the curtains and found a safe there. I look intently at the safe and I discovered it can only be opened by using a 7 digit to letter word. I started trying to open it, pressing all sort of numbers and letters, but all was to no avail...
        "Qwertyui", that word rang in my brain, I decided to try it and it worked.
Behold, the safe cracked open.
           " Wao!!! I leaped for Joy...

Written by Olawumi Nana

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