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     June2,2016    As I came out of my hotel room,I saw Hassan and our eyes met. I was quick to talk " look Hassan,whatever happened between us,wasn't meant to happen. It was a mistake,let's forget it ever happened" I said momentarily.
   Hassan looked at me bewilderedly " OK no problem" he said as moved down the stairs.
       ******       *************      *****************     ******
    " Inspector Simi,how far with your investigation"
     " I'm still on it" I said. I looked at his table and noticed Tania's picture on the table
      " Oh,you are looking at the picture. It's so sad,she died this morning. The police found her body dumped at Jamaturu cross road "
       " What! No!" I exclaimed
       " The kind of things happening in Kaduna these days,its only spirits that can tell oooooh. We noticed a bullet hole on her forehead, that means she was  shot in the head,before her body was dumped on the streets"
       " No,this shouldn't be. This girl is paramount to my investigation. She is my lead" I said with  tears flowing down my eyes"
      "Calm down Inspector,tell me everything"
   I narrated the whole story to the Dpo.
       " Well, well, well,seems someone shut that girl up" the Dpo exclaimed.
        "And I have every reason to believe its no other person than Chet Waston. Please sir give me a warrant let me arrest him" I pleaded
        " Inspector Simi,Chet Waston is one of the most influential people in this town. We need more than the word of one girl to "hook" him. If we can find Tania's killer,its possible we can draw a link between the two cases"
       " OK sir,let me see what I can find"

      *********      **********      ***********
     I drove back to the hotel and went straight to Hassan's room. I found him sitting on the bed,he raised up his head and looked at me
      " Simi............"
     " Hassan we've got a big problem. Tania is dead. Her body was found on Jamaturu street this morning"I said as I sat down on the bed.
       " What!Hassan exclaimed,this case is going no where.Let's pack our bags and go back to Akure"
      " Haba! Hassan,why are u so pessimistic, I have never lost a case before,definitely not this and I don't intend to loose this one" I retorted.
     " All I'm saying is,maybe this girl doesn't want to be found,you  know.......

    KO KO KO! Some knocked at the door. " Who is that? " Hassan said
        " Hotel service"
        " come in" Hassan said

        A man entered the room and shut the door. He was huge and he held an " ak 47" in his hands and pointed it at us. For a moment,my  heart skipped.
      "Now look here,his voice thundered,you two should get out of this town within the next 3 hours. We don't want you sticking around and poking your nose into our affairs,you better leave this town now otherwise you will end up like Tania"
      Anger flushed within me. So this is Tania's killer. I looked at Hassan and he understood me. Quickly we both ducked and rolled over to the floor. The gunman quickly fired his gun towards me but he missed. Hassan rolled over to him and kicked him in the leg.I  quickly brought out my my gun and shot him in the hands,the gun fell from his hands. Without letting him recover I fired another shot at him and this time it landed  on the legs and he dropped limply to the ground. I  brought out my handcuff and handcuffed his hands.
        " That was risky,Simi, we don't even know if his accomplices are outside" Hassan said.
    I picked up  my phone and called the Dpo " hello sir,we just got attacked... Yes sir,the gun man is on the floor right now, I shot him in theHands and leg... He is still alive .please send an ambulance and some police men over." I dropped the phone and looks outside the window " No Hassan,he is alone,I calculated well. I already saw him downstairs and judging by the way he moved I suspected he was alone." I looked down at the gun man who was groaning in pains

              **********     **********     ********    *************
      " Inspector Simi,you did a great job" Sergeant Badura said as he survereyed the crime scene( Hassan's room)
       " let him get proper treatment, I can't wait to know who sent him"

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