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        ''So that girl's name was a phony after all'' Hassan said as we drove back into the town.
         ''yes,I guess as much...but what was she hiding from''
        ''What if she is not missing, I mean what if she just dedide to keep running and we are here looking for her,you know its not as if anybody made any report to the police''
         ''She had no reason to leave like that,she was supposd to have a show,all of a sudden,she was no where to be found and her things were in the roon. Hassan think,think''  I  argued.
        '' Ok ma.but what could she be hiding.......''
         ''Don't know,the only way to find out is to get to Club Montologie,by the way let's check out for any boutique along the road'' I said looking out of the car.
       ''Boutique!What do we need that for....''
     ''  Oh! Sergent Hassan,Do you suggest we go to the Club dressed like this........ Miss Susanne said the club is the most expensive in the whole Kaduna City.... Therefore we have to dress like wealthy people for us to be able to get inside..
     ''Hmmm! I like your guts ma, you never seems to amaze me" Hassan smiled

          Few minutes later,we pulled up in front of one boutique. We came down from the car and went inside the boutique. It was a unisex boutique, I picked up  a short green gown and Hassan picked up  a Tuxedo  suit. We paid for it and left the boutique.
        We drove back to our hotel where we lodged, pavilion Hotel.Pavilion Hotel was in the centre of the city, We came down from the car and went inside our rooms. Hassan's room was just opposite my room.

          The entrance to club Montologie was guarded  by high walls and a couple of hefty men in blue shirts, black trousers and black face caps. They stood not less than six meters walking distance from each other. As we moved closer towards the gates,one of the guards stopped us .he looked questioningly at us,as he stretched forth his hands towards us.
         ''What for '' Hassan asked
        ''I suppose you are new......anyway you need a membership card before you can get in'' the guard said
      '' Well,we are from Togo  and we are here on a business trip,can't we just be allowed in without a membership card '' I said
      '' I'm afraid  you cant,but you can get a temporary membership card''
     ''How much is that''Hassan asked     
     '' Ten thousand Naira per one''
    '' Ten what' I screamed,startling at him
    ''Ten thousand maam'
    '' Its okay,Hassan said as he brought out his atm card to pay
         The guard led us across the hall to a reception desk,the receptionist offered us a card and we filled in our details,using our intials.
          We later proceeded to the bar,which was of course the most luxurious place I have ever seen in my life,we ordered for champagne and pepper soup. There was music playing and people were dancing.
        We must have sat there for more than 2 hours when we heard a voice announced the arrival of Chet Waston,the owner of Club Montologie. I drifted in my seat,my eyes taking note of everything about the man. He[Chet Waston] was over 6 foot,lean and sun-tanned,he had on a gold bracelet and a white suit....
    '' please let's give it up for Mr Chet Waston'' one of the club attenders said...
    '' Thank you so much..said Chet. As you all know,today is memorable day for me,today is a memorable day for me because it was on a day like this that I set foot in Kaduna  and look at me now,I'm self made..... So, ladies and gentlemen you can make it. Enjoy yourself.
    He  left the stage after saying this.
   '' Hassan,here is the time,let's  walk up to Chet and see what we can get.....'' I said
   ''   ok,but we gotta be careful,this guys......''
  '' We'll show them our badge, the problem was getting in and now that we are in, we 'll go for it'' I said ferociously