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 MAY  30, 2016
          It was a Monday, I had already booked two tickets on First Nation Airways,the flight was leaving at 9:00am. I had already arranged to meet with Hassan at the airport by 8:00am. Hassan came early,our luggage was checked and we confirmed our seats. We completed the routine check up and we boarded our plane. In meantime,the aeroplane started to move. We fastened our seat belts and the aircraft took off at high speed.
        We got to Kaduna ay exactly 9:38am,the flight lasted for 38 minutes.

    'You must be Inspector Simi,I guess' the  DPO of Kaduna police station said.
    'yes' I nodded
    'And this must be your assistant,Sergent Hassan. You see your Dpo already told me a lot about you Inspector,your disposition towards work,and about the case you are handling. Be  rest assured that I and my boys will give you any support you need' he said.
    'Oh!thank you very much Sir,I'm overwhelmed'
    'Not to mention,you people need rest,by the way where will you be staying'
    'We will be loddging at Pavillon Hotel'
    'Alright then,goodluck'
We left the police station with joy and happiness in our hearts. So now we can settle down and continue with our investigation.

                MAY 31,2016
           Lafia street was a slum on the outskirts of the town. Everywhere looked abandoned and overgrown with weed and dead grasses,even though the place was inhabited by humans. It was a very dirty area.It was clear  that the people living in this area were from the lower class. I sneezed an coughed as we drove down the street.
        ' Here we are,Hassan said as he pulled over the car. this is no 24 Lafia Street.'
      No 24 looked neater than every other house on the street, the lawn was recently cut and the house was painted. We came down and I knocked on the door. There was a  delay before the front door opened,but alas a lady in her early 20's opened the door. She was pretty,She had on a blue jumpsuit and a bathroom slippers.
      'Miss Susane,I suppose' I asked
     'Yes I am,and what can I do for you two?'
      'We are police officers, I said showing her my badge. We are here to  ask a few questions about Miss Ejiro Tega'
      'Ejiro Tega! Who is that?'
      'Don't you know her', said Hassan
     'No,I don't know anybody by that name'
     'Okay,but I'm sure you know this person' I said raising up a picture.
Susane peered at the picture and snatched it from me. 'Oh my God,this is Aliya........... this is Aliya...............I know her...............what happened to her......whats wrong?  She asked hysterically.
    'Might you mind if we step in,we won,t take much of your time,I said
     'Oh.....please come in...'
  We came into the sitting room and found a convinent spot to seat. 'So tell us about .....em....... Aliya,' I said.
      'Well Aliya and I are best friends, we share this apartment together. W e are both orphans and we've know each other for 8 years now. We both use to be dancers and part time runs girl but I quit 2 years ago,leaving Aliya in the profession.
     ' Why did you quit and why did Aliya continue' Hassan asked
     'Its not a decent job,we worked as dancers but we are really prostitutes. The club/hotel manager contracts out to big men in the society who have sex with us and pay our manager. It's a very risky job,some girls have contacted diseases,some have been used for rituals,some have been implicated infact it's a life threatening job. I had to quit,I begged Aliya to do the same,but she would hear none of it.
     'Any idea as to why she would leave the city and change her name'....I asked.
     ' Well,I don't know,sometimes Aliya can be away for months on her adventures,but she'd definitely call. but any idea as to why she would change her name,I do not know. Please tell me,what is wrong with Aliya..'She pleaded.
    I narrated the whole story to her.
   'Oh my ,so she"s missing.,Aliya is in trouble,now my fears are confirmed' She said bitterly. The last time I saw her was the day she travelled to Abuja,She claimed her boss had contracted her out to one Minister Shehu in Abuja,I told her not to go but my plea,fell on deaf ears. Three days later,I came home and found a letter on my bed.It was a  letter saying she would be gone. I looked at her room and I deduced she left in her hurry.It was quite strange,she would have told me where she was going. Definitely,she was running from something.'
  'Where did she work'Hassan asked
   'She worked at Club Montologie,the most expensive club in this city. Her boss name is Chet Waston,he owns the club. The club is visited by the-well-to-dos in the society,its hard for a common man to get in there. I haven't even been there'
   'Can we take a look at Aliya's room' I said
  'Sure you can',She stood up and led us towards the room. We enteerd inside the room and surveyed the place. Everywhere was dusty,denoting that no one had entered the room for days. I found a diary and picked it up without Susanne noticing.
    'Ok,thank you Susanne,We'd take our leave now.



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