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   'I'm Inspector Simi from Npf A division and this is my assistant, Hassan' I said with a smile as I showed her my badge and ID card.
       ' I'm Omotola Comer,the manager of Ecotel Communications. What can I do for you?'she asked.
        ' Uhmm,I'm investigating a case of one missing person. The lady in question made a call specifically on April 22,2016 on this number' I said,handling her a piece of paper where I had written the phone number of Mr Kade. I have a voice note if the particular call she made,I'd like you to help me track down the person she called.'
        Ohhhh,She sighed. ' actually customer's privacy is one of our policy,but since its the police,I'd gladly help. Come back next week Monday, by then I would have tracked the voice and the person she called. Meanwhile let me have the recording"
        "Thank you very much" I said handling her a  CD,where I had burned the recording into.
          *****       *********      *****
       'Inspector Simi,I did as you asked me to do,' Omotolani said. I traced the call to this number, 0714260456. The name of the person is Susanne, she stays at No 24,Mafia street, Kaduna. In short these are all her details that we have here.' She said as she handed me a paper "
      'Kaduna!that's far ' I shouted
      ' Yes,Kaduna.'
  ****       *********     *******    *******
         Soliu Ausum,the Dpo,sat behind his desk in his luxurious office,an unfriendly gleam in his eyes. He was angry.
        ' sit down ' he said angrily, waving impatiently . 'what's up with the case,how far have you gone. I haven't heard anything from you.
         ' I'm afraid now Sir,I will have to go to Kaduna for a few weeks in order to investigate the matter properly' I said looking down.
       'Inspector Simi! Inspector Simi! Kaduna? Why?'
      ' The lady in question made a call two days before she disappeared. We were able to trace the call to a lady called Susanne who resides in Kaduna. That's the only lead I have now Sir '
     ' Okay,no problem. I give you just 3 weeks. If you are unable to get to the root of this matter by then,I'm afraid ......... Anyway you can go.
     I stood up and left the office,looking dejected.
    *******     ******      ************
       ' Look here, Hassan, that's the only shot we can take now,we have to travel to Kaduna and find out anything we can on this girl ' I explained. I know you have Nina,leaving her  would be.......
      ' Its okay, Hassan cut me off. When are we leaving?' He demanded.
       ' Oh! Hassan you are the best' We leave in two days time.

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