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Chapter by Chapter Summary of the novel IN DEPENDENCE Sarah Ladipo Manyika

     IN DEPENDENCE BY SARAH LADIPO MANYIKA Chapter one:Tayo  gets  a scholarship to study at
Balliol College, Oxford.He kisses Modupe the night before he and his father goes round to visit relations,Uncle Bayo especially. On the day he sets to sail,his parents,family and friends sees him off to Lagos sea port.

Chapter two: Tayo writes a letter to his father from,Oxford. He narrates his experiences while traveling.On the ship,he makes friends with two students,Mr Lekan Olajide from Ogbomosho and Mr Ibrahim Mohammed from Kaduna. In his letter,he also describes his first 2 weeks at Oxford University.His father also writes him back.

Chapter three:Tayo goes to Mr and MRA Barkers party,there he meets Christine,and they argue about literature. Tayo sees Christine again the following Monday as she dashes out of the market. He invites her to have coffee with him and she accepts. Tayo and Christine begins to see more of each other.

Chapter four:Vanessa goes to a party and there she meets Charlie. She wakes up the next day with a severe headache. She decides to write on " The problem of women in Oxgorr " but instead she writes her friend Jane.

Chapter five: Christine breaks up with Tayo.Tayo meets Vanessa.

Chapter six: Tayo  and Vanessa becomes more acquainted. She tells Tayo about her father and Hus connections with Africa.

Chapter seven:Vanessa goes home on holiday.

Chapter eight:Tayo continues to visit Vanessa's house and family.Tayo talks about his family.

Chapter nine:Tayo and Vanessa's relationship continues to bloom. Vannesa pors out her mind to Tayo,she wants to be a journalist.

Chapter ten: Tayo and Vanessa, Simon and Nina goes on holiday to Paris.Tayo gets a telegram that Christine in dead.

Chapter eleven:Vanessa and her family visits France to the Bastille holiday.
Jane, Uncle Anthony, Mr and Mrs. Murdoch joins them in
France. They engage in conflicting talks as Uncle
Anthony and Mr. Richardson's ever always have opposing views. Later
that night, Jane confess to sleeping with Uncle Tony on their
way home from the train station and Vanessa also tells Jane
about her relationship with Tayo.

Chapter twelve:Vanessa writes,Tayo describing the weather in France and
expresses her opinion on the margery Perham's review he is
working on. Tayo writes back,narrating his experience with his cousin Tunde.

Chapter thirteen:Tunde and Yusuf decides
to hold a party in honour of Gambia's independence. Yusuf and
Tayo discuss the marriageability of either British or African
women. The party is in full swing when Tayo finds himself
pressing a lady to the wall. Suddenly he takes a punch to his jaw
and a fight ensures.A policeman arrives and takes them to the station for questioning.

Chapter fourteen:Tayo comteplates against telling Vanessa the truth about his chopped
tooth which he gets as a result of the fight in Bradford. He attends
Yusuf's wedding with Joy, where Vanessa later joins him. While coming back,Vanessa access Tayo of lying to her about his relationship with Late Christine. Tayo tries to cajole 
but Vanessa wouldn't have none of it, so he leaves her in the

Chapter fifteen:Vanessa and Tayo settles their differences.

Chapter sixteen:It's new year,Tayo's uncle,uncle Kayode visits England.Tayo introduces Vanessa to hepis uncle and they gets on well,Vanessa concludes she will like to meet Tayo's other family  members.

Chapter seventeen:Tayo gets to speak at Bellamy boys school,where Mr Richardson is the headmaster.After the lecture Mr. Richardson invites Tayo to his office and
tells him on clear terms his views on Tayo's relationship with
his daughter. Tayo returns to college bothered and Vanessae questions him. He tells her father is not in support of
their relationship to which Vanessa asks him to defend their love.

Chapter eighteen:Tayo comes back to Ibadan, Nigeria due to his father's critical
illness. He tries to write Vanessa,while
ruminating on what to tell Vanessa in his letter, Tayo is called
outside his room to hear the news of unsuccessful coup to kill

Chapter nineteen:Tayo writes Vanessa after sometimes. He apologizes for not writing earlier,attributing the reason to his father's sickness.
Vanessa leaves for Lagos.Vanessa reunites with Tayo but he tells her another woman is carrying his child.Vanessa leaves feeling depressed.

Chapter twenty:It's 1970,and Vanessa now works as a correspondent for a  why company Reuters.She meets Salamotu and she talks about her love life.

Chapter twenty one: it's year 1984.Tayo is now an accomplished writer. He is married to  Miraan and they have a daughter,Kemi. On  sundays they have lunch with friends at Yelwa club.There, they discuss various issues concerning the country and
universities. After Lunch, Yusuf advises Tayo to limit the way
he criticizes the government but Tayo dismisses the advice.

Chapter Twenty two:Tayo recalls how he ends up with Marriam and Flips through
Vanessa's diary that he keeps in his drawer. Kemi, his
daughter catches him unawares and  teases him that he works
too hard. Eventually, father tells daughter a story and they are
joined by Mariam before they all go to bed.

Chapter twenty three:It's summer holiday, Tayo and his family decides to visit Uncle Layode in Lagos to spend the three weeks holiday with him. On his return,Tayo got the news about his mother death. She dies in a fatal accident while coming to visit him.

Chapter twenty four:Six months after the death of Tayo's mother, the coup to
overthrow the democratic rulers by the millitary takes place
successfully.But the military proves to be as corrupt as the previous democratic leaders and this leads to chaos in the country.
Miriam advises that they leaves Nigeria for
England but Tayo would have none of it.

Chapter twenty five:Miriam and Kemi leave for England the
previous year(1989).

Chapter twenty six:In 1994, Tayo on his way back from his office meets soldiers who
has mount up road blocks in order to inspect citizens or collect
bribes. Tayo is surprised they do not ask him for money but
instead they take him to the barracks for questioning. He is
severely beaten and ask to stop critizing the government in his writings

Chapter twenty seven:Vanessa and Tayo meets during his tour of England while promoting his new book on Lord Lugard. After the seminar, they both catch up on each
other's lives. 

 Chapter twenty eight:Vanessa sits at Broadwell Park reminiscing on her meeting
with Tayo during his book tour. She  dwells
mostly on how she finds herself marrying Edward Barker,
Tayo's friend in Oxford. Later that evening, Vanessa receives
Mandelo's 'Long walk To Freedom' as a wedding present from
her husband.

Chapter twenty nine:Tayo writes to Vanessa where he expresses himself freely like
the old times. Vanessa  writes back and begs him to be in 
careful in his fall prey to the hands of military rulers. Tayo
replies to her complaints about her failures as a mother by
reasuring her she is a good mum and also tells her about his
own shortcomings as a father and a husband.

Chapter thirty:Vanessa drives Suleiman to the airport where he leaves for
Senegal, his home country. Vanessa is not happy with
way they part and constatly worries about him.She writes to Tayo, expressing her agony and longing for what could have being. But  she  later decides
not to send it.

Chapter thirty one:Vanessa visits her father, Mr. Richardson, who is now old and
lives in the Carrington Home for the Elderly. After the brief visit, she buys a
fitting skirt in preparation to meet Tayo at the airport the next
day. Unfortunately, Tayo is not on the list of those on the
expected plane.

Chapter thirty two:Tayo is involved in a ghastly accident,planned by the Nigeria Military.
Tayo survives bit his drivet Abbou dies.After thathe resorts to living at Kemi's apartment in San francisco. There she works as a nanny to fund her artistic

Chapter thirty three:Kemi advices her Father to visit a therapist,Tayo promptly refuses, saying he doesn't need one.This Leads to an outburst,as father and daughter exchangers harsh words. Later that night, they
apologize to one another.

Chapter thirty Four:Vanessa, after the death of her father, tries to publish his
manuscript. She reconciles with Suleiman, her son, who on his
return to England promptly apologizes and resolves to start up
a business.

Chapter thirty five:Tayo gets the opportunity to teach, which he does not
appreciate initially . He later recives a letter
from the Nigerian president that states that he has being
awarded a honoraby degree from oxford.

Chapter thirty six:Family and friends gather for the occasion in the Sheldonian,
England. Tayo, after receiving his award joins his family while
Kemi introduces herself, miriam and some other family
members to Vanessa and her son. Tayo and Vanessa later
leaves the party to have some time alone