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Choosing The Right Career


I know this has nothing to do with literature,but i posted it hoping that it will touch a life. 

       That's me at Classique High School,Ikenne-Remo,Ogun State.  The Education CDS unit decided to sensitize the students on the importance of making the right career choice. You see, a lot of Children are confused as to what they should do,or how they should go about it.  A student even asked if he can make DAVIDO his role model,because he wants to venture into music.   Hmmmm, I must tell you,we live in a time where our children are filled with so many ideas.

       Anyway I spoke on steps to consider when choosing a career
1. Discover your self: What do I mean by ''discover yourself'. You have to know your aptitudes,   interests,values and the type of personality you have. These things we make some occupation fit for you and some unfit for you.
   what are you values?
   what are your interests?
  What are you good at doing?
  what type of personality do you have?


2. Make a list of occupations to explore: When you've askEd yourself those questions in no1 above.  Make a list of occupations

3:Narrow down your list; How do you do this? It's simple, ask questions and read wide. By doing this you list interests in some occupation and you renew intrests in some.

4.Choose your career;
YES,here I will be talking on how I chose blogging,cos so many people have been asking me  ''OLAPET,WHY BLOGGING?''
 Well,I'm not into blogging,cos every other person is doing it. Truth is that I love writing and talking and this is an avenue for me to do that.


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