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         She looked at her wristwatch again. It was 09:30pm.Her flight was not due until 10:00pm. She had cleared all her luggage; they weren't much;just a handbag and a suitcases. Her papers had been checked and certified and she was sitting in the airport waiting room,waiting for her flight to be announced. She had been waiting for fifteen minutes and now she shook her legs impatiently.
       She had on;a pair of blue jeans trousers and a black blouse. Her low heeled sandals were also black and so was her baseball cap. She had the peak of the cap pulled low over her face. It was all part of the disguise and she had her reasons for being disguised.
         Again; Helen shook her legs. She wished the time will move fast but the  hands of her wristwatch only seemed to crawl. She was in a hurry to leave. She was running away from something,running away from everything that made up her life. She wanted to get out of the country as fast as she could for she feared what she ran away from might catch up with her. And the thought of it makes her shudder.
        She didn't tell anybody where she was going. She had just walked out and now;looking at the faces of her co-occupants of the room;she feared someone might recognise her. She pulled her cap lower and tried to remember if she had left any traces. No!she had taken extra care and caution to cover all her tracks.
     Again;she checked her watch. She shrugged and decider to relax. She sat back in the chair and she thought of when she first met  Dotun but that was many years ago.

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