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    It was Dotun at the door. Kate let him in then went to call Helen. Dotun eyed Kate as she went and wondered who she was. He couldn't help comparing this baby faced beauty with Helen. He wondered what it will be like playing both of them and he snarled at the thought......
   " Good afternoon Dotun" Helen said as she entered the living room. I'm sorry I kept you waiting"
    At that moment, all thoughts of Kate flew out of Dotun's mind and it occurred to him that he was in lobe with Helen
   " Afternoon,Helen" He replied,rising." Can we leave now?
   "Not for a minute!please! Kate......" Helen called. Kate came into the room and Helen said " meet my colleague and flatmate Katherine.We both work at the General Hospital."
   " Hi,Kate" Dotun said,offering his hand.
    " Hello! Kate replied and took the hand.
        Few minutes later,Helen an Dotun were cruising along the road that leads to the famous restaurant in town " Best Bite " in the latter's Lexus jeep. They didn't talk much on the way.
       It wasn't until they had eaten and were on their second cup of ice cream that Dotun broached the subject of their meeting.
     " Helen"! He said suddenly " Do you know that since I first set my eyes on you I've wanted to be with you?
      Helen looked up and snarled but she said nothing. Her heart was beating so loudly that she thought Dotun would hear it.
       Dotun reached across the table and took Helen's hand. He wasn't a man of many words and he doesn't beat about the bush.
     " I want you,Helen" He continued in a husky voice. I want to care for you,to be with yoyou. I want to love you and I want you to love me too. I want to be a part of your life and I want you to be part of mine."
      They looked at each for an instant then Helen looked away and withdrew her hand.
" Don't you think it's too early for you to be sure of what you want? She asked in a small voice.
      " I don't care about time,Dear" Dotun replied in a deep voice. I can only care about my heart."
     Helen struggled to keep a straight face when all the while there was a storm going on within her. She remembered Kate's words "if he wants you,I advice you to consent....." Besides she was a little happy and elated cos Dotun's rich. The truth was that she was already falling for hi! Because from the day he gave her arise,she hadn't stopper thinking about him. But to accept to date him!at first proposal. It all stood against her views of etiquette.
      " well what do you say? Dotun asked when she kept quiet.
       " I'll think about it." She replied avoiding his eyes.
       " Women! Dotun thought inwardly. They never say yes to you at first.
         " When is your night shift ending?"
        " Sunday. I'll be off duty throughout next week.
        " What do you plan to do"? Dotun queried
        " I'll be going to my hometown to see my father. I haven't seen him for some time"
       " Tell me about yourself"Dotun said and for some minutes they kept talking while the level of ice cream in their cups kept going down.

     ***************       *********************
          "So!how did it go? It was Kate's anxious voice.
          " well! Marvelous. Helen replier while she took off her clothes and slumped on the bed. She was in no mood to talk because she wanted to get some sleep before she will rush to work and she had only two hours. But she knew Kate wouldn't let her rest until she had what she wanted.
            " What did he say?" Kate asked.
            " What else? He wants me to go out with him" Helen replied frowning. Lunch had been wonderful and she discovered that Dotun had a rich sense of him out . she enjoyed his company and inspite of her determined reservedness,she found herself warming up to him. She could hardly wait for next week Saturday when they were scheduled to meet again.
           " What was your reply? Kate's voice woke her up. She had started dozing.
           " Oh! I said I'll think about it" She replied in a tired voice.
          Kate took one long look at her and knew she didn't want to talk. It didn't bother her,but she turned and went to the sitting room and resumed the movie she was watching. She had a date with her own boyfriend,Chris,whom she'll be spending the night with.

          Time flew by and Dotun,and Helen saw a lot of each other. At the end of four weeks,it was clear that they were both in love. Helen,with Kate's encouragement  had agreed to a full fledged relationship with Dotun. Although she had never seen him with another woman,there was this constant nugging at her heart telling her that Dotun was a flirt. She told Kate,who replied her that all men are the same.
          Besides that,every other thing she saw in Dotun was good and pleasing to her. She discovered that Dotun was very generous. The few rich men she'd known were very stingy so she'd concluded that all rich men were misers,but Dotun proved her wrong. He deliberately spoilt her with expensive gifts.
           Helen was very happy,if for nothing but for the fact that she had bagged the envy of all her friends. Even in the hospital she was the subject of all gossips. Her colleagues couldnt understand how she captured the rich bachelor I'm town.
         If Kate was jealous,she didn't show it but kept it up with fore front. She lobed Helen and loved seeing her happy but she couldn't help wishing she was in her shoes. She saw the happiness and glitter in Helen's eyes and knew she was in love so she kept her wmvy bottled up within herself.

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