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    While Helen was in the ward with the doctor,she had this funny feeling that someone was looking for her. She never knew whether this was true for when she was through with her duties and got back to the nurses' room,the nurse at the desk was no longer there.

    Thursday evening,Helen had resumed her duties and was very busy. The night was going to be a busy one as three new patients had just been brought in. Helen was sorting out the various drips and injections in the nurses' room when she heard a man's voice. The voice sounded familiar so she drew the curtain of the room and peeped outside. The man was at the reception desk talking to the nurses, he was backing her but she recognized him! Dotun??
      Helen caught her breath and walked towards the desk. She knew the nurse  will not call her as that will be disturbing and besides, breaking protocol. A thought flashed her mind,he may not be looking for her:-It was too late to turn back to the nurses' room,so she pretended to have come for something.
     " Bisi"! She called as she approached the desk "please get me the file of............
       Dotun turned and their eyes met. For a brief instance,none of them said anythinh ,then Helen broke the silence.
        " Why!hello! Have you come to see someone" she asked.
        " emmm em yes" Dotun replied. They were still standing at the desk
       "Oh! Who" she asked. There was a slight trace of disappointment i In her voice. He hadn't come to see her after all.
        "You" Dotun answered and began walking towards the door.
        Helen looked at Bisi,who was apparently enjoying the scencw,and gave her an apologetic smile. She followed Dotun who was now standing on the balcony.
   "you wanted to see me? She asked when she got to him. " I'm very busy now,"
    " I'm aware of that,Helen " Dotun said. Actually I was wondering if I can take you out for lunch,say on Saturday. There are some things I'll want you to know.
        Helen didn't know what to say,but then she remembered the patients needed the injections.
        " That will be okay" she said hastily,looking back to see if Bisis was still at the desk. " I'll be free on Saturday afternoon"
          " if you give me your address,I'll come pick you up at 2'o clock" Dotun said.
          " You know the community bank at  Suruulere.She asked and Dotun nodded.
          " Okay,there's a block of flats besides it,I live on the second floor" She concluded and was already turning back.
           " Okay,see yoipu on Saturday then " Dotun replied
            " Alright" she half walked,half ran back to the nurses room and Left puzzled Bisi;staring after her.

       ************************       *******************************
             "The way you've been preparing yourself all day,one would think you were going for a beauty contest" Kate was lying down on Helen's bed watching Helen seated in front of the mirror,applying cream on her body. Saturday was also Kate's day off and they were both at home.
             " You wait until I'm through, then you'll know I'm a beauty queen" Helen replied and they both laughed.
           "But Kate," Helen continued " I can't help feeling I shouldn't have accepted the lunch date"
          " Why shouldn't you" Kate retorted.
          " We hardly know ourselves and besides,he'll think I'm interested in him. On Thursday when he came to see me at the hospital,I wasn't prepared so I said the first thing that came to my mind. Now that I think of it,I should have declined. It makes me feel cheap that I accepted at first proposal."
        " For goodness sake,,Helen " Kate replied sharply. Stop making a mountain out of a molehill. It's an ordinary lunch date.just eat and talk,that's all. Anyway I don't sew why you should not be interested in dating him. From what you told me,he's handsome and he's got money. What else? If he wants you,I advice you to consent"
       " Even when I hardly know him?" Helen asked while struggling with the zip of her dress.
        " Are you getting married tomorrow? What I'm saying is that you shouldn't play the born again stuff,but don't show overdue interest too. Let him make his proposals and if they come,accept them. But don't think you can deceive me,Helen,that glitter in your eyes gives you away".
       "What do you mean Kate?"
      " You know very well what I mean." Kate snapped. " You pretend as if you are a Reverend sister while you are already bubbling inside. You'be fallen for him haven't you?
       " No" Helen simply said.
      " of course you have" Kate replied and would have continued if Helen,who happened to glance at the bedside clock,hadn't cut her short.
      " please Kate,cut it out" Helen interjected. Come and help !e style my hair. He'll be here any minute"
       The words were hardly out of her mouth when they heard a knock on the door. Both of them exchanged glances,Kate said she'll get it and left the room while Helen continued combing her hair. She was dressed in a straight,knee length,blue gown which accentuated her light- complexioned skin.

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