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        The next day,Helen had just finished going through the files of various patients and noting some comments when Kate walked in. Helen and Katherine Adeoye had been friends since secondary school. They attended the same university and were lucky to get appointments at the same hospital. Since,they were so close,they decided to live together. So they got a three bedroom flat and shared the rent,each paying help. People who knew Helen and Kate marveled at their friendship cos their behaviours were opposite. While Kate was outgoing and talkative, Helen was quiet and reserved. However both of them loved each other and enjoyed each others company....
      "Helen!How you dey?" Kate asked,dragging out a chair and settling herself into it.
     "I dey fine,O,my sister,Helen replied. How are your patients?
     " oh! They are getting well and fine. Except for one little girl who nearly died of malaria. She was brought in this afternoon"
     " Malaria!Helen queried. Was she not given drug or anything"
      " No. Her parents are illiterates " Kate continued. When I asked them what they did when they noticed that she was running temperature,they said they put cold water on her. I also asked them what they were looking at when she refused to eat and was vomiting. They were saying rubbish. To cut it short,the  child fainted and it was then they moved her here. She was so pale that we had to give her blood transfusions. The malaria parasites had destroyed almost all her red blood cells"
        " hmmm! Helen sighed. The illite,sef "
        " Ehen,I forgot to ask you,Kate said. Sister Sola told me that there were no taxis yesterday,so how did you manage?"
       " Oh! I was not even aware but I saw a woman who told me if a driver that died and the funeral. It was a man that gave me a lift home."
        " A man? Kate asked with raised eyebrows.
        "What's his name or didn't you get introduced?" Kate was smiling and her eyebrows were still raised. Helen knew her well enough to know what she was trying to say. So she smiled and said
        " Katherine, I don't know what you are driving at but we actually got introduced. He even gave me a card.
       Quickly,she took her bag and fished out the card,somehow her heart was tingling with excitement. She had had the same feeling when she had thought of Dotun the previous day. And now,the feeling again. Anyway........
       " here" she said handing Kate the card.
        " My goodness!" Kate exclaimed after reading the care. "You are lucky oohhh"
       " What do you mean?" Helen asked
       " Come on,didn't he say anything,I mean did he drop any hint"
       "Kate,but you know I've told you that for now men aren't my business" Helen snapped.
      "See,if I were you I will jump at him" Kate replied
       " You mean you would make passes at him?"
       " Kate,na wa for you oooo,abeg forget that one. I have news for you,sis Vero called me yesterday,she said she had a set of twin baby boys last week"
       " Whao! That's marvellous. I bet her white man is a real is a real powerful man.Two boys at a time!"
        Helen was about to reply when another nurse entered room.
       "Sis Helen,she said,Matron said you should bring the files."
       " Okay. Helen replied,getting up and packing the files together. Kate,I'll see you tomorrow. "
       " Alright then,have a good working night." Kate replied,she was already on her way home.

      It was that same evening that Dotun called on Helen. Helen was assisting the Doctor in attending to some patients when he came. So the nurse at the desk did not call her,but advised Dotun to drop a note for her. For the second time that day Dotun was disappointed. He had come in the morning only to be told that she was on the night roll. And now he had come again,hoping to fix a lunch date with her. Anyway,He shrugged his shoulders,sat down at the desk and collecting the Biro and paper offered him,he began to write
                Miss Roberts......
       But somehow,words failed him. He was not prepared for writing and he wondered what he was going to write. He wanted to see Helen,to see the look on her face and her responses. So he rumpled the unfinished letter and put it in his pocket. Turning to the nurse he said.
      " I'm sorry.......but I don't think I need to write a letter. I'll call on her tomorrow evening"
       " Okay" the nurse replied. She was not intrestee in him but she was interested in getting to the novel she was reading.
" What's your name? She asked as an after thought.

        Dotun was already at the door when he heard the question. Telling her his name will spoil the surprise,so he just walked out,pretending not to have heard her.
       Dotun thought a great deal while he was driving home. He wanted to see Helen again. But she was on night shift. That was what he hated most aboutbhis nurse girlfriends. Now Helen will be free in the morning,while he'll be changed in the evening. Damn it! He wished he knew where he lived. He had this great desire to be with her. He couldn't remember when last he felt like this. He had a lot if girlfriends, for he was  not the type to stick to one girl for long. He had money so it wasn't difficult to keep his flock of girlfriends.
      But somehow,he knew he didn't  want Helen as an ordinary girlfriend. He wanted more. " Well I'll see her tomorrow"  he thought as he parked his car in the garage and entered his magnificent house,which was one of the houses that formed the " Adewale Estate"


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