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 Helen got home and quickly fixed herself a meal. She ate and when she had put everything in order,she decided it was time for a nap. To her dismay however,she found that she was no longer sleepy even though she was lying there on the bed. She was thinking of the man who brought her home- Dotun. Somehow,she felt like seeing him,being with him.
         Again,she tossed and turned. She couldn't understand herself anymore. While they were in the car,she had had ni wish to know him but now she couldn't think of something else. Dotun Makinde- she said the name ti herself. Now that she thought of it,that name surely rings a bell,but she couldn't remember where or when she had heard that name. It was at this point that Helen remembered that she had been given a business card. Getting up from the bed,she picked up her handbag,sat on the edge of the bed and rummaged through it,and when she found the card,she read the contents aloud
  "Makinde Adedotun;Managing Director;Alnaks Breweries Ltd........
       For one moment,her heart stopped beating.M.D! Alnaks! Now she remembered she must have heard the name. Alnaks Breweries was the talk of the town. In fact it was the biggest company in the city. Their products were visible in every home for their products were very popular. Ti think she had been given a lift by the M.D.
       Bah! She cut herself off and dropping the card back in her bag;she settled down in the bed. For Christ's sake,I'm 23 not a teenager. Why am I so excited.?She  asked herself.
        Not that Helen had never been in relationships. She had befriended a couple of guys,but none ever turned serious. The only near one was Mike,whom she met in her university days,but they had lost contact when Mike travelled abroad. True,they exchanged a couple of letters but it was not enough to keep the relationship and after 5 months Mike stopped writing.
        Since then,Helen had never felt interested in any man until now when Dotun seemed to stir up something in her. She couldn't lay a finger on what it was yet bit she knew something was going on in her.
        ' Anyhow,it's over now. I don't think I'll see him again' and with this in mind,she drifted to sleep.

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